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This is a list of questions and issues that have been submitted about PBCS that do not have a resolution in the training materials. 

1.     Is there a limit to the number of Pseudos that can be added to PBCS?

a.     Yes, PBCS allows 1,100 pseudo positions to be added.

2.     How do I sum up column totals in my generated reports? 

a.     The reports are delivered as is but can be exported into Excel and total the columns from there.

3.     How do I run a report on Vacant Positions in PBCS?

a.     There is a delivered report.  The navigation is Home > Reports > Position Reports > Vacant Position Reports

4.     How do I seed by Resource, or can I?

a.     There is currently not a way to seed by resource.  The process seeds by all resources.

5.     Why are the H&W benefits calculating the month amount for the annual budget while all the other benefits are at the annual amount?

a.     The calculation type for an individual pay element and the rate for the pay element must match on the position itself, otherwise it causes a “mismatch” in the calculation process.

6.     Is there a way to calculate H&W for an employee that holds multiple positions?

a.     The health and welfare must be updated manually for this situation. 

7.     Is there a way to mass update allocations on positions in PBCS?

a.     Yes, there is a process that involves Smart View to be able to mass update allocations. Please contact PeopleSoft Support for further assistance.

8.     How late can I use PBCS, since the HCM file is refreshed nightly?

a.     There should not be any conflict with the HCM data refresh and any work that you are doing on your budget at the same time. 

9.     I am running reports from the Financial Reports card and receiving an error message.  What does this mean?

a.     If you are a large district, and receiving an error message when running reports when using the Financial Reports card, try running them under the Report Forms card using the following navigation:

                                          i. Reports > Report Forms > One Time Report

                                         ii. Reports > Report Forms > All Budget Data Report

                                        iii. Reports > Report Forms > All Expenses with Historical Data

10.  What can I use to help with HCM data clean up?

a.  The PBCS Data Clean Up Instructions provides queries and things to look for with you data clean up.

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