Request for SecureAuth (VPN)

Temporary Change to Secure Auth Process during COVID-19 shutdowns:

Submit a Service Now Ticket by Supervisor or PeopleSoft Contact person


  • First and Last Name

  • Employee ID #

  • Email Address

  • Cell Phone #

Ticket can include multiple employees or you can attach a list.

No authorization form required.

Current turnaround time is 1 - 2 days to get this set up.


The process below has been suspended until further notice - Request for SecureAuth (VPN)

VPN access to PeopleSoft (called SecureAuth) must be authorized by the Executive Director of Enterprise Applications. A limited number of employees are granted this access.

    • Does not require a dongle or a pre-loaded certificate.

    • Approved users must provide a text-capable cell phone number for one-time identity verification and register the device they will use for access.

    • The laptop or other device must be owned by the district. A fingerprint of the computer is registered and used as part of the authentication each time the user logs in.


How to obtain SecureAuth access:

    1. Download and complete the VPN Request Form.

    2. SDCOE VPN Request Form.pdf

    3. Scan the completed form and save as a PDF.

    4. An authorized staff member (Primary Contact) needs to create a new incident ticket and attach the signed form. Enter this description on the ticket: "Per [First Last], please grant SecureAuth access for [First Last/ID]. Please see signed request form attached."

    5. The PeopleSoft Support Team will route the form for final approval. If/when approved, you will be notified of next steps. Typically it take 24-48 hours for routing and setup.