Updated on September 16, 2016

These FAQs were created from HEAT tickets received by the CRC. Names, IDs, Position #s, and ChartStrings have been changed for security purposes.

05/15/17 UPDATE: A new HR - Primary Job Indicators FAQ page is available.

HR - New Hires & Job Data

91098: When I enter a new employee (say a teacher), I typically enter their effective date as their actual start date (this year would be 8/22/16.) However, they are to receive a full August pay for that month since they are 11 month employees. Do I need to enter 8/1/16 as their actual start date for them to receive their full month’s pay even though that won’t be their actual “hire” date? Thanks.

The hire date should always reflect the actual hire date. This date impacts benefits and retirement and upon saving the record, those things get triggered in the system. New material from the New Hires & Job Data (HR3) guide: Mid-Month Hires PeopleSoft automatically prorates monthly pay per days worked. In the event that an employee has a midmonth start date (hire date) and should receive a full month’s pay, an adjustment must be made on the Paysheet. Refer to PR1 Payroll Guide on the CRC website at http://crc.sdcoe.net/resources/peoplesoft/guides for detailed instructions on making Paysheet Adjustments. Example: Certificated Teacher gets hired on 08/15/2015. Per contract, employee should be paid for the complete month of August. Steps: Hire with 08/15/2015 date. Calculate the difference between monthly compensation and the prorated amount. Create a payline on the paysheet with the amount that the employee is owed.

91127: I have a prior employee Courteney Cox Arquette (now just Cox), ID 123456 in Legacy. She left us in 2012 and I am unable to find her in PeopleSoft. She is being rehired and I hesitate to add her as new and get a second ID # for her. Please advise how to access her to add employment instance.

Since the employee did not come up on the person search query, should be entered as a new employee. System will generate a new Empl ID.

91529: Empl ID 123456 - last name was changed to Jackson in Personal Data and shows accurately in the system. EE is concerned that her paystubs still show her previous last name of Washington. Can you make sure the change is reflected on her paychecks going forward? Thanks!

The issue is that the warrant name wasn’t updated. These directions are in the HR3 guide but are also included here. 1. Main Menu > Workforce Administration > Personal Information > Biographical > Additional Names. For Warrant name, click on Edit Name History. 2. Enter Effective Date of name change. 3. Click Edit Name. 4. Make desired change. 5. Save.

92003: Aretha Franklin Emp ID #123456 (Empl Record 0) promoted to a new position #1234 eff. 7/1/16. She was previously in position #5678 emp. record 0 with a date of 7/1/16 due to step progression. Can I do a transfer and use eff. sequence to reflect same date as 7/1/16 but transfer due to a promotion? Thank you.

As long as the Empl Class is staying the same, you can add a 07/01/2016 row with a greater effective sequence and transfer.

92395: Our Student Workers are currently included in the 65-CLA-HLY Workgroup. Please change the following positions to 65-STU Workgroup: 12345777, 12345666, 12345555.

This is done in Job Data by inserting rows on TRD.

93139: I goofed. I needed to update Job Data Salary Plan Steps for 2016-17. Only the Step DATE was supposed to be updated and I mistakenly updated the Grade Entry Date which should have remained the same history for 10 employees (unless I can change it? but probably not) ID# EMPL # Can you change the date back?

Since this is not a historical change, it can be done without the use of Correct History. Steps: 1. On Job Data, add a row with same effective date. 2. Enter effective sequence of one greater than existing. 3. Update Action/Reason to Data Change and Other 4. Make Change 5. Save.

93468: Need assistance entering a rehire for termed employee.

Went through steps found in HR3 guide, page 55 (Enter a Rehire).

94424: EMPL ID 123456 Empl Record 0 hire date 6/29/16 looks like is still on salary plan from 2015/16, should be plan 002 grade 054 step 1 91.06% FTE, monthly comp rate should be 3317.31. I need assistance to correct salary plan to 2016/17.

District did not click Default Pay Component and Calc Compensation.

94471: Requesting assistance on making a name change due to marriage for a district employee.

Suggested user go to page 57 of the HR3 guide and to also look for instruction on changing name on warrant.

94505: We have a new hire, Anjelica Huston who was employed at another district. Empl #123456. She will be working 100% FTE at District ABC starting 8/1/2016, can we have her primary position be assigned to us? Position #12345678. The system is saying there is already a primary position assigned. Thank you.

Since you've entered a Benefit Record Number, and selected Primary as the Job Indicator, all looks good. The message is just a warning but can be ignored since the Benefit Record Number has been entered.

95092: Please remove Job 12345678 effective 07/01/2016 from Ice Cube (Emp 123456) He should not be in this position. Thank you.

This employee is not in the specified position but either way, this does not require Correct History. Resolution: Since a hire cannot be deleted it must instead be terminated. This can be done without the use of Correct History. Steps: 1. On Job Data, add a row with same effective date. 2. Enter effective sequence of one greater than existing. 3. Update Action/Reason to Termination and <desired reason> 4. Save.

96599: Empl ID 123456. Issue Primary job / secondary job - she is showing up with a 1.8 FTE and standard hours of 74.50 - not sure how to correct this.

The area of the screen you are looking at is Combined Standard Hours and Combined FTE. As long as the area above that is correct, you are fine. The combined Standard Hours and FTE reflects ALL jobs across ALL districts for this employee. This employee has an active FTEd position at District X. Once that district terms the employee, the combined standard hours and FTE will be reduced by the number held by that job however, you may still see an inflated number for Standard Hours since Hourly and Daily (Sub) jobs reflect 1 or 5 and usually remain active at the other districts. In short, disregard Combined Standard Hours and Combined FTE.

97027: EMPL ID 123456, EMPL RECORD 0. Please check Compensation Tab on Job Data, no defaulted pay appears.

The issue is that there is ZERO FTE on Position. This is incorrect as the Position is Not Hourly or Daily. Position Data needs to be corrected with the same effective date as the Hire Date (in this case, 08/11/2016). Since an 08/11/2016 row already exists on Position, I backdated that row to allow for your district to enter an 08/11 row with the updated information.

97966: Position 12345678, Empl Rec 0 Empl ID 123456 - Data entry audit says "inactive time reporter." When I checked it looks very active to me. Not sure why it shows on the error report?

The effective date on the Time Reporter Data screen should match the hire date of 8/16. Instead it had a date of 8/22. This mismatch will also trigger the data entry audit error because a later date will prevent your district from entering time for this employee prior to the 8/22. CRC needed to use Correct History to fix this.

98171: On the Job Data screen, for Employee Record 1 for 123456 (Jean-Claude Van Damme), I need the Department to be changed to 'DISTRICT WIDE EXPENDITURES' rather than MAIN STREET ELEMENTARY.

Training issue. Position has 422 incumbents in it. Changing the department on this position would affect all of these employees and the relationship between the position and the DBT would also be broken and a new DBT would need to be created. THIS IN NOT RECOMMENDED. Instead, a new position should be created with the desired department number and this employee should be transferred into it. A DBT will also need to be created.

99939: I think I made a mistake with Employee 123456 Empl Record 4. He was a CERTIFICATED teacher and terminated and came back as a CLASSIFIED special ed assistant so I rehired him in his primary position. Can you look at this and see if it is okay?

The rule is that if the Empl Class is changing, it needs to be a separate Empl Record number. Since the Job you terminated this employee from on this Empl Record number was Certificated, you should not have rehired on this Empl Record number into a Classified position. Instead, you should have added an employment instance. In order to correct this, the rehire row should be deleted and you should add an employment instance. When you do add the employment instance, you should make it primary then go back and insert a row on the Empl Record that is no longer primary and change it to secondary with the same effective date as the hire. The CRC can delete the rehire rows when you are ready for us to do so.

101429: I have a report that I need to do (EEO-5 report) and I need Race/Ethnicity for all of our staff. Is there a report/query that gives me that information?

Here is the query for this: M_HR_EEO5_REPORT. More information is provided in this 9/14/16 announcement.

103110: Hello, I have three questions regarding the entering of TB tests. 1. How do we account for student workers? They are exempt from TB requirements. Do we not enter anything in the TB fields? 2. How do we account for pos/neg TB tests? Once they have a chest x-ray they never need to repeat the process. Do we just give them a future date? 3. Is there a query for individuals who do not have a TB test and are active employees? Added 10/14/16.

1. Student workers - You can leave it blank. This is not a required field. If there is an existing TB date in the field, you can delete it or ignore any TB expiration notices.

2. Pos/Neg and Chest X-ray - Some districts believe once you have a chest x-ray, you never need a TB again. If your district follows this policy, you can put a future date like 01/01/2195 so they will never get an expiration notice. Other districts believe you must get rechecked every 4 years, regardless of a prior chest x-ray. If that is your district's policy, then enter the date every four years.

3. Query - M_HR_IMMUN_EXPIRE is the query that can be used to track TB data. Also, MITI developed a new query that shows all Immunizations including TB, BBP and HEP. It now also shows missing TBs. The query is called M_HR_IMMUNIZ_DIS.

HR - Salary Administration

91292: I need to create a new salary plan, but I cannot seem to be able to add salary grades and steps to the new plan. I added Salary Plan 029.

The directions for adding new grades and steps to a new Salary Admin Plan can be found in the Salary Administration (HR1) guide starting on page 29.

92079: Good Afternoon, Salary Plan 019, Grade 008 has three amount changes for the following Steps: Step 16 should be $19.72 Step 11 should be $21.63 Step 34 should be $26.89. Please let me know if this is something I can update in the system or if the changes are made by SDCOE. Thank you.

This content was covered in the HR1 Salary Administration training. Please refer to the HR1 Salary Administration guide for directions on updating steps beginning on page 16. Keep in mind that this is a 2 step process and that you’ll also need to update the employees that are assigned to these steps (p.41).

HR - Position Management

92700: In Add/Update Position Info, Position Number 12345678: Standard Hours needs to be 32.5 effective 01/01/16 to 08/08/16, then the Standard Hours needs to change to 26 effective 08/09/16. Thank you.

This can be done without the use of Correct History. Standard hours already reflect 32.5 with a 01/01/16 Effective Date. Steps: 1. On the Add/Update Position screen, add a row with the 8/9/16 effective date. 2. Update Reason to FTE/ Standard Hours Update 3. Make update to both FTE and Standard Hours 4. Save 5. Review Job Data to Ensure that the 8/9/16 row was inserted with the future change to FTE and Standard Hours.

96854: Please delete new position number 12345678. I created this position number in error and it is a duplicate.

Since this is not a historical change, it can be done without the use of Correct History. Steps:

1. On Add/ Update Position screen, add a row

2. Enter effective date (day after date it was created)

3. Update Reason

4. Change Status from Active to Inactive

5. Save

102842: For Lisa Loeb #123456 Position #12345678 Empl Rec #0, I need to increase employee's pay grade to Grade 24. I entered the change on her position # for 7/18, but it still isn't showing in Job Data. Added 10/14/16.

Once updates are made to a position with active incumbents, the Job Data record of the employee(s) affected must be updated for changes to carry over from the position. Follow the procedure here to update the Job Data of position incumbents. This was part of the Payroll Boot Camp (see Slide 24) that was offered in September 2016. Steps:

1. On Employee’s Job Data, add a new row (+ sign).

2. Enter desired Effective Date (07/18/2016) and Effective Sequence (1).

3. Action: Position Change. Reason: Salary Administration Update.

4. Clear out the Position Number and enter any other Position (pick anything) and tab out to make the system “grab” a new Position. Then change it back and tab out. This should make the Job Data record bring in all information for that position. Doing this erases the salary step; this is why you must complete Step 5.

5. On the Salary Plan tab, enter the Step. Verify the Step Entry date.

6. Click the Default Pay Components button and then click the Calculate Compensation button.

7. Click Save to save the employee’s job record.

103531: I'm trying to create a new position by initializing (copying) from Position #12345678. When I try to save it, I'm getting an error that says: "Highlighted fields are required (15,30). Enter date into the highlighted fields"...but nothing is highlighted. Added 10/14/16.

On the Add/Update Position screen, the Education and Government area of the screen where the FTE is entered had not been "dropped down." This is why the error message appeared upon saving the record. To prevent this from happening in the future, please follow the "Helpful Tip" directions in the HR2 Position Management guide in the Add a Position from a Copy (Initialize Button) section for customizing the screen so that this area is always exposed when working on the Position Screen. The most current version of the HR2 guide is available at http://crc.sdcoe.net/resources/peoplesoft/guides.

HR - Department Budget Table (DBT)

93281: Emp 123456 Position 12345678. Due to issues with Job Data I can not add DBT for 2016 (eff 4/28/16) or 2017 (Eff 7/01/2016). Account number that needs to be entered on both years DBT is 0000-1111111-2222-3333-4444444-555. I do not know the Combo Code.

Pointed her to the combo code look up table and walked her through creating DBT. Click here for more information about Combo Codes.

93691: Please add budget code to 12345678 0000-1111111-2222-3333-4444444-555 effective 1/1/2016. It will not let me add with this date.

Looked up position #12345678 and found that a DBT has not yet been created for this position. If a DBT is not created, earnings and fringes for the incumbents in this position will go to suspense. Please refer to the Department Budget Table (HR5) guide for step by step directions on creating a new Department Budget Table.

93947: Empl ID 123456 Dan Rather - His position number was created properly by HR (Position #12345678), but when I went to Department Budget Table, this position or empl ID did not give me any search result. Therefore, I cannot add any chartstrings for his position.

Looked up position #12345678 and found that a DBT has not yet been created for this position. Also, Empl ID should never be entered on the DBT screen. Please refer to the Department Budget Table (HR5) guide for step by step directions on creating a new Department Budget Table.

97974: I have added to Position 12345678 combo code 000555555 however when I enter time and need to use this combo code it does not find it in the search (today is 8/19/16), so may have it set up wrong.

Rows were entered on DBT with effective dates of 8/19 rather than 7/1/16. This will make the combo codes entered with the 8/19 effective date unavailable on the timesheet until on or after 8/19. Using Correct History, CRC corrected the effective dates on the rows that were entered incorrectly. The combo codes entered on this DBT are now all available on the timesheet.

98416: When adding new position # in Department Budget Table for Position 12345678 received message "Highlighted fields are required, enter data into highlighted fields."

When a new Department is created, there are defaults that must be entered on the very first DBT created under that Department. Directions for this process will be included in the following version of the DBT guide. Until then, a HEAT ticket should be entered for assistance from the CRC in entering these defaults.

99177: If an additional pay is set up but the expense line is not set up on the DBT for that particular additional pay, will PeopleSoft expense the additional pay to suspense? Or will it default to the line(s) set up for Reg salary?

Additional Pays are extra earnings (non-base pay compensation). You must enter these on the DBT if you want them expensed differently than the salary. Otherwise they will follow earnings.

101391: Unable to enter time on any of our timesheets for any certificated substitutes. Examples: 123456-0, 234567-3, 345678-1 all for time worked in August using Position 12345678, beginning 8/22/16. Combo Code will not display but I can see the combo codes in the DBT. Combo code examples: 000001000, 000123456.

Someone was working in the previous FY DBT and entered an invalid date (a date in the current FY). This locks up DBTs for both FYs as the system cannot distinguish which one to pull from. The date was corrected by the CRC using correct history.

BA - Benefits Administration

96261: EMPID 123456 - New Hire. Benefit Participation is showing for another district.

Employee had Benefit Record Number issues. The employee has existing Empl Records in another district. When your district's HR added the Job Data row, they did not go to the Benefit Program Participation page and update the Benefit Record Number to your district number. They let the system default to the prior district’s Benefit Record Number, and when the job data was saved, it had the other district's number. Once the issue was identified, they then added in the Benefit Record Number, but it did not fully resolve the issue. When a Job Data row is saved with the other district’s benefit record number, the HIR event in On-Demand is permanently associated with that prior district’s Benefit Record Number. Once the benefit record is updated, the HIR event is orphaned. You (district) must add an ADM event to the BAS Activity table which follows the district's HIR event rules date logic.

97732: EID 123456: Benefits input in On-Demand but not reflected? Why?

Client input the benefits in On-Demand correctly, but was verifying the enrollments on the wrong screen. Navigated client to the "Enroll in Benefits" screens. These screens are used to show the employee's past, current and future enrollments. You must click the Include History button to see all enrollments. The "Current Benefit Summary" Screen only show enrollments as of now.

97903: Marie Antoinette #123456. Marie returned from a break but there was no Ben Admin event for it. I created a new ADM event to input her benefits but the only option there is the Legal Plan, I don't get a chance to put in her Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life plans.

For this employee the Job Indicator for Empl Record 2 was changed from secondary to primary on 8/19/16. The HEAT ticket was input on 8/19/16. When Job Indicator flags are updated, a process must be run to re-evaluate the flags. This process runs as a component of the nightly benefit administration process. So the next day you would have been able to run the event and have the benefit prepare properly. The CRC can manually trigger this process by rebuilding the job flags. For this employee, the CRC re-assigned the ADM event and the benefits prepared properly. Benefits are now available for input.

98557: 457 increase did not process (not even old amount processed) for ID #123456. Used the savings plan screen per guides. 403 option was not available in BAS Activity Table.

The employee’s 457 did not deduct because they have an override input for the month of August on the SDCOE Custom Deduction Override screen for the 457 deduction. Currently for this employee the 457 is scheduled not to deduct in July or August. If you would like to modify the deduction frequency, please update SDCOE Custom Deduction Override screen at Main Menu > SDCOE Custom > Payroll > Processes > Override Deductions (Employee)

98573: We have terminated and inactivated some employees. Do I need to do anything to terminate their benefits? Being just my second payroll in PeopleSoft, I’m unclear what else I need to do when terminating someone, if anything.

Yes, when an employee terminates, you need to terminate the benefits. It is a simple process highlighted in the benefits guide, section “Termination of benefits.” If a terminated employee receives additional pay post termination (retro pay or vacation payout), benefits and general deductions will attempt to process. A best practice is to terminate the benefits in On-Demand using the TER event that was system generated when HR adds the Termination row to job data. The voluntary benefits set-up on the general deduction table should be ended the last pay period in which you want them to process

97728: Lionel Richie 123456 Empl Rec 0 is a full time employee on benefits program 11T but after creating a BAS Activity and clicking Schedule/Prepare Activity in on Demand, no buttons activate. Please help.

Employee has job data issues. They are not full-time, the FTE is 0.2. The system will not allow you to override the benefit program. The system assesses the job data and will prepare the options according to what is in Job data. Moving forward do not manually adjust the Benefit Program in Job Data. That value is system generated by the Benefit Administration System. Once HR fixes the Job Data, On-Demand will prepare the correct benefit options for this employee.

97541: Empl ID 123456, Empl Record 1, Sheena Easton. This is a new hire. I noticed in some of the converted job data records from Legacy we can see the CalSTRS/CalPERS designation on the Benefit Program Participation link. I can’t see it on this new hire. We entered job data a day or so ago so but there is not such designation to see. When does the system prepopulate the Benefit Program Participation link with the retirement enrollment?

The PERS/STRS enrollments on the Benefit program participation screen is not system populated, it is manually input by SDCOE Retirement. The process for notifying the Retirement Unit of new hires that will have subject earnings and the forms submitted are the same as in Legacy. The Retirement Unit and the programmers are working to refining the nightly enrollment process, but it is not live yet in production.

97773: 123456 Houston, Whitney - Empl Record 3 Benefits Program Participation change from 64C to 64G Eff date needs to be 7/1/16. Msg: “Effective date/sequence must be greater than effective date/sequence of current record. (15,6).”

The Benefit Program Participation area in Job Data should not be manually updated. It is driven and populated based on what is processed through On-Demand. For this specific employee, the HIR events is prepared and ready for input in On-Demand. I can see from the show plans tab that it has prepared the correct benefit plan options according to the 64G benefit program. When the hire event is processed in On-Demand, elections entered and the event validated and finalized, the Benefit program participation area of job data will be updated with the benefit program 64G.

101561: EID 123456 - Cannot add adjustments on the payline for employee. Giving me other districts' benefit plans.

When the paysheet for this employee was created, the benefits had not been added yet. The employee was in the default benefit program, PSX, which is fine. Since you have now gone in and added the benefits, you will be able to add the plans on the payline after the 1st calc. After the paysheet is created, it does not communicate with the Job Data and Benefits info until after the 1st calc. You will need to update the payline accordingly on 9/20 and 9/21 (the September 2016 dates for 2nd calc and final calc).

PY - Payroll

97651: Trying to understand Job Data workflow for Payroll processing over the next 3 days. What are the cut off times? What happens if we enter Job Data after this time? (Ticket submitted 8/18/16, day of First Calc.)

The Monthly Payroll Processing in PeopleSoft job aid has details of timelines and queries to run during payroll processing. You can continue to add to Job Data, just know that it won’t be on the next day reports if you are entering after the 1st Calc deadline but will see after 2nd Calc. HCM is unavailable after 5pm on the day Payroll is Finalized until the following day at a time when MITI makes it available.

TL - Time & Labor

101512: I uploaded time into timesheets using Rapid Time. After running the payable time exceptions query [M_TL_EXCEPTIONS] it gave me an Invalid Combo Code error. Added 10/14/16.

This is either a Time and Labor or DBT issue. The Invalid Combo Code error on Rapid Time upload happens for one of two reasons.

1. The combo code used does not exist on the corresponding DBT for that position. If this is the case, the combo code must be added to the DBT to avoid the error and suspense after payroll runs; OR

2. The leading zeros were left off of the combo code when entered in the Rapid Time spreadsheet. If this is the case, the cells where combo codes are entered should be defined as text in order for it to retain the leading zeros.

GL - General Ledger