PeopleSoft Fluid 2019

PeopleSoft was upgraded on Saturday, October 5. The Fluid and User Experience Upgrade changed the look-and-feel of PeopleSoft, including a new way to navigate. All employees will see the new user interface introduced by Fluid, including employees who log in to view their paychecks and perform other self-service functions. 

For HCM and Finance users, we also made improvements to the user experience by configuring WorkCenters to help streamline your work. It is very important to note that the change to Fluid will not impact the way you perform tasks; in other words, you will follow the same steps to add a new hire, enter a requisition, enter time on the Timesheet, create a voucher, and so on. For questions about the project, please email Sally Morton, Project Lead:

Fluid News

PeopleSoft Fluid News

ESS Guides

PeopleSoft ESS - Viewing Your Paycheck.pdf (13 pp.)

Use this document to quickly locate your paycheck, then read on for additional details.

PeopleSoft ESS - Accessing Absence Requests.pdf (5 pp.)

For SDCOE employees only. Use this document to understand how the screen has changed for navigating to Absence Requests.

PeopleSoft ESS - Employee Self-Service Guide with Fluid Portal (53 pp.) This is a comprehensive guide for ESS (Employee Self-Service) users. It has been updated to include new navigation using the Fluid Portal. Topics include how to log in, change your password, enroll in "Forgot My Password", edit personal information, view benefits, enter absences and view balances, approve absences (managers), and view paychecks.   

ESS Video Tutorials

Viewing Your Paycheck v3.0 (7 min)

This video walks you through the PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service with Fluid to view your paycheck.

Portal Guides (for HCM/FIN)

10 Things To Try in PeopleSoft Portal.pdf (2 pp.)

For all HCM and FIN users. This is a quick and easy way to get oriented to the new Portal. Great Go Live activity!

Navigating PeopleSoft Fluid v1.0.pdf (20 pp.)

This guide has screenshots about the new way to navigate in PeopleSoft and contains details about the new WorkCenters.

How to Access Requisition page in New PeopleSoft Fluid Portal (9 pp.)

This job aid shows you how to access requisitions from the new PeopleSoft Portal (Home Page).

How to Access PAF page in New PeopleSoft Fluid Portal (9 p) This job aid shows you how to access PAFs from the new PeopleSoft Portal (Home Page).

Portal Video Tutorials (for HCM/FIN)

Third Thursday Demo: PeopleSoft Fluid User Experience and Improvements (41 min)

This video is from the Third Thursday Demo on September 19, 2019. It provides an overview of changes to the PeopleSoft Portal. You will find Quick Links, Notifications, My Queries and links to other websites all available on the Home page. Check out the 7 new WorkCenters that put your work all in one easy to find area. The Employee Self-Service Portal also has this new look. 

How to Access Requisitions in New PeopleSoft Fluid Portal v1.0 (8 min)

This video is intended for users that enter Requisitions. It shows how to navigate to their Add/Update Requisition page under Purchasing or Requisition page under eProcurement in the new PeopleSoft Portal.

The San Diego County Office of Education created a communications toolkit to help districts and schools communicate with employees about upcoming changes to the interface for PeopleSoft. These files include information about the update, what it will mean for employees, and where employees can get more details. These are only templates and should be adjusted with information specific to your organization when appropriate. We hope these resources help you get the word out about this important update.

Toolkit Contents:

Sample ESS Screen (from a computer)

NOTE: The above image shows more functionality in Quick Links on the left side than a typical user. Most employees will only see "Payroll and Compensation" and "My Profile" in the Quick Links.

Sample ESS Screen (from a smartphone)

Sample Super User Screen (for HCM and Finance Users)


PeopleSoft Fluid FAQs

Archived Materials


Welcome to PeopleSoft Fluid!

posted Oct 6, 2019

Thank you for spreading the word about Fluid! See sample all-staff emails from San Dieguito and Santee

posted Oct 2, 2019

REMINDER: PeopleSoft will be unavailable Saturday, 10/05/19 for the Fluid and User Interface upgrade

posted Oct 2, 2019

Purchasing: How to access Requisitions from the PeopleSoft Portal effective 10/07/19

posted Oct 2, 2019

Password Reset navigation directions sent to M_SECURITY_LEVEL1 users to prepare for Fluid upgrade

posted Sep 27, 2019

Update on Fluid training materials (09/26/19)

posted Sep 26, 2019

How to prepare for the PeopleSoft Fluid upgrade on Mon, 10/07/19

posted Sep 24, 2019

The new PeopleSoft HCM/FIN Sandbox upgraded with Fluid and the User Experience Improvements (UX) is now available!

posted Sep 24, 2019

The new PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service (ESS) is available in the Fluid Sandbox for all employees to try!

posted Sep 17, 2019

Third Thursday Demo (09/19/19): PeopleSoft Fluid Demo

posted Sep 12, 2019

Communications Toolkit available to help your organization communicate the PeopleSoft Fluid upgrade

posted Sep 11, 2019

Join us for PeopleSoft Fluid and WorkCenter Demos in September – MULTIPLE LOCATIONS

posted Aug 26, 2019

PeopleSoft WorkCenter Surveys (July 19-27, 2019)

posted Jul 26, 2019

July 2019 WorkCenters “Third Thursday Demo” available for playback

posted Jul 26, 2019

PeopleSoft upgrade targeted for Mon, 10/07/19

posted Jul 18, 2019

ESS Homepage Survey Results: 72% prefer Mockup B (Dashboard)

posted Jul 18, 2019

PeopleSoft ESS User Interface Home Page Design Survey (June 20-28, 2019)

posted Jun 20, 2019

Third Thursday Demo (06/20/19): PeopleSoft ESS Fluid Sneak Peek & Reminders

posted Jun 14, 2019

6 things to know about the Fluid project

posted May 1, 2019

CAB Announcement (4/29/19)

Sent by CAB and posted on CAB Website on Apr 29, 2019

April 2019 Fluid Sneak Peek “Third Thursday Demo” available for playback

posted Apr 24, 2019

What does PeopleSoft Fluid look like?

posted Apr 11, 2019

Third Thursday Demo (04/18/19): Fluid Sneak Peek

posted Apr 11, 2019