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Correct History  provides functionality to districts to make data changes on some screens for Human Resources, Time and Labor and Payroll. 

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Correct History Roadmap

Purpose of this CH Roadmap: Identify SDCOE training resources* and outline steps to help you reach your goal of understanding and effectively using Correcting History in PeopleSoft including knowing when and how to make changes without deleting or overwriting historical data. Some examples of changes that require the use of Correct History include Hire and Termination Date corrections, historical FTE and Standard Hours changes, historical Pay Rate changes, and other changes that must reflect a historical date and cannot be corrected by adding a row. 

IMPORTANT: Correct History (CH) is a powerful tool and must be used with extreme caution as changes made can impact all areas including Payroll and Retirement. Use of Correct History is limited to users that have been trained in how to use it and have been granted permission and the security roles necessary to make these critical changes to employee data.  

Correct History Training Mateials

Correct History Training Guide for all modules:

HCM Correct History Guide.pdf (05/22/23, v1.2) Correct History (CH) is a tool that allows those with special access the ability to change or delete existing data in PeopleSoft. Changes that require CH go far beyond an Effective Date change and can often impact areas such as Payroll, Absence and Seniority Accruals, Benefits, Retirement, W2s, etc. Using CH to apply a retroactive change can have an even greater impact since the change may require that existing/historical data be altered long after data has been entered into PeopleSoft. CH should only be requested when an entry is made that cannot be corrected by adding a row with a greater Effective Sequence or if a retroactive change is required. This guide was created by the SDCOE PeopleSoft Support Team for staff with CH access that have been trained and are responsible for Correct History at their district.  

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