Finance Training Materials

PeopleSoft Support Team has created a variety of Finance training materials to help you work in each of the different modules.

  • Guides and Job Aids: Provide step by step instructions spreadsheets and Excel-to-CI tools.

  • Videos & Webinars: These include basic and advanced videos and recordings from our webinars.

    • BASIC Videos: Great way to get your new hires working in PeopleSoft; use in conjuction with the training guides.

Video overview of Training Materials Webpages (March 2021, 18:25)

Visit these other web pages for additional training materials:

Guides & Job Aids Videos & Webinars

AP ACH Vendor Payment Guide.pdf (11/03/20, v1.5)

ACH Vendor Payment Presentation (04/13/21) This is the presentation from the webinar

ACH Vendor Payment Q&A from Webinar (04/13/21) This document captures questions and answers from the webinar.

Supplier Portal Request Guide for Districts (08/26/21, v1.0)

Supplier Portal Guide for Suppliers (08/25/21, v1.1)

ACH Vendor Payment (7:57) This video is the "how to" for changing Suppliers for ACH.

ACH Vendor Payment Webinar (04/13/21,48:12) This is the webinar video that includes the "how to video" as well as questions and answers about the process.

IN1 Inventory Guide.pdf (03/15/21, v5.0)

Inventory Flowcharts.pdf (Feb 2016, v4.0)