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The Recruiting Project is being rollout out to 11 districts as on May 02, 2022. It includes onboarding, recruitment and offboarding. Our candidate gateway has been expanded to point to multiple career sites.


Training Documents

Main Guide: Recruiting Guide (07/01/22, v1.0)

Supporting Guides:


Individual Checklists:

FAQs for Recruiting Project

Q: What happens to the current PAFs on May 2, 2022? What's the process to transition them to the new system?

A: Guideline doc will be released but a date and time will be determined to stop adding new ones and transfer to new process. You will no longer update or initiate a transaction but should be able to complete existing PAFs.

Q: If edits are made by a user in the route chain, how are they documented and are previous approvers made aware of the edits? (In testing -- I was able to create a Reports to change, then send it for approval. During the route, as another approver -- I was able to edit the "PAF" to update the reports to again and keep it routing through to final approval.)

A: There are no notifications to other approvers in the current process for each edit made but edits are documented in the transaction, and they will see the corrected information. The Edit access is provided to approvers so that the data can be fixed as needed without going through the approval process again. The idea is to fix the data as approvers.

Q: How can we maintain SDCOE confidential recruitment data (e.g., test scores, rankings, applications, exam questions, etc.)?

A: Security roles have been limited to only the Recruiters. Only recruiters have access to the scores. Data will not be available in lower environments.

Q: Who will provide technical support to applicants? Applicants are currently being provided technical support by the staff of our current Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

A: Each district HR department will provide support to their own applicants. District can submit a ServiceNow ticket for technical issues they are unable to resolve. PeopleSoft Support may reach out to the applicant if needed. Work with Ivan. Need to add contact information to the job posting and help button on the job site.

Q: What support will be needed from HR to troubleshoot the module? ITS is our IT department, but would we be regulated to ticket service?

A: For the first 60 days there will be direct project team support, post implementation support will be through ServiceNow tickets.

Q: Can we attach videos or other multimedia material to postings? We've been developing SDCOE department promotional material.

A: We can post URL/links in your job posting but no images. You can post videos on the career site district page.

Q: We would like to know the reporting capability. We are able to run EDJOIN reports on almost any field in our postings. We need to do this for the PC annual report and as requested by Dr. Gothold.

A: Delivered report functionality will be available and additional reports can be created as needed.

Q: Our current ATS allows candidates to apply using mobile devices, laptops, etc.

A: Candidates will be able to apply using mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops.

Q: We currently use HTML tags to customize the postings and make them more attractive or emphasize certain information.

A: The new career site will have similar capabilities via the PeopleSoft job posting. Recruiters can edit the job posting, bold, underline, and links, etc. when creating the job posting.

Q: We are able to insert links into postings for benefits, particular departments, directions, or public information. Will this be part of the new system?

A: The new career site will have similar capabilities via the PeopleSoft job posting. Recruiters can edit the job posting, bold, underline, and links, etc. when creating the job posting.

Q: Our current ATS allows us to search applicants by keyword for interest in other positions.

A: Yes, Recruiters have access to search applicants.

Q: If team members are backing each other up, will they have access to login to each other assigned recruitments?

A: In Recruiting you can add primary and secondary recruiters who will have access to the job posting.

Q: Can you add someone in the approvals queue?

A: No, in fluid position management the approvals there are not an ad-hoc approval process. Yes, in job opening and job offer.

Q: How do you add a salary range to a job posting? Is it manual?

A: It is configured on the job opening page in PeopleSoft. It is configured manually by setting the salary range from and salary range to fields. If the salary range needs to be displayed to the applicant, then it must be added to the job posting in the long description field.

Q: Print list of communications with applicant with details (notes)?

A: All communications are tracked in the system, and you have the option to add notes for phone calls, etc. This documentation can also be printed by printing the screen, but it will not be formatted. A query could also be created if needed.

Q: Can we establish different routing paths for different types of transactions? (Example: Reports To changes - can we "bypass" most if not all of the approvers that would be required for something like a Funding Change?)

A: Yes, we just need the requirements that need to be configured for each of the approval processes.

Q: If a job posting needs to be reviewed by a hiring manager or someone outside of the county office (e.g., Superintendent search for another district), do we add those approvers to view the job posting? How easy or difficult is that without giving them access to change it in the system? Or do we create a preview and print it to send to them?

A: We do not have the ability to have approvers outside of the system.

Q: Can these questions be customizable and include yes/no, radio buttons, check box, pull down menu responses or is it only open field responses?

A: The response type will vary depending upon the question type asked. Yes, the questionnaire can be customized to include yes/no, radio buttons, check box, etc.

Q: Nothing indicated that my data was saved after I clicked on SAVE. Can there be some kind of confirmation message that the data is saved?

A: There is a green bar that shows on top of the page indicating that the data has been saved.

Q: Question about obtaining this information from external interviewers. Why is this needed if they are not an applicant? Unique ID needs in the system? Are the IDs going to be used across all districts?

A: Yes, there needs to be a unique ID for each interviewer that will be used across all districts.

Q: How will we handle adding an hourly person when we don't need to run a recruitment? (Departments often come to us with someone in mind, recruitment is not required - but we do need to put the person through pre-boarding/onboarding.)

A: The hourly person will need to go through the recruitment process.

Q: How do internal applicants apply now that we are no longer using EdJoin?

A: Internal applicants must apply through not EdJoin. Jobs can still be posted on EdJoin but clicking apply on EdJoin will apply as an external applicant rather than an internal applicant.

Project Documents

Recruiting Deployment, Transition and Warranty Plan - Extended Team.pdf (April 2022)

2021-003 RFP PeopleSoft Recruiting Solution Implementation DISTR

Recruiting Project District Use Cases Document Finalized vBB

2021-003 PeopleSoft Recruiting Solution Implementation QA.pdf

Opportunity to implement the PeopleSoft Enterprise Recruiting Solution - Email sent February 05, 2021


Fluid Process for Position Management Demo Video (04/28/22, 30:59 ) NEW This demo was done for non-recruiting districts but many of the steps apply to all districts. The difference is that if you are doing approvals, you will need to wait for all approvals before transaction will be completed.

Issues related to Recruiting

Please be paitient. Our technical team is hard at work.

  • Issue (05/02/22): Offboarding emails being sent to employees at non-recruiting districts.

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