Sandbox (SDPX):

This link can be use by Secure Auth users as well. 

Sandboxes are for use at your district to practice in a "play" environment. Available from work only. Not available via SecureAuth. Effective May 27, 2018, Sandboxes will be refreshed from Production bi-weekly Sundays. Dates of Sandbox refreshes are on the PeopleSoft Support Calendar. After each refresh, log in with your Production credentials as of the refresh date.

The PeopleSoft Finance Sandbox (SDFX) and HCM Sandbox (SDHX) are environments you can access from work (on the SDCOE network) to practice tasks. The PeopleSoft Sandboxes are copies of your district's Production environments. Login using your User ID and Password as you do in Production. Please note that Sandbox environments are not supported.

Check the status (up/down) of Production environments, issues and dates of scheduled maintenance.

SDCOE Monitoring of PeopleSoft Portal, ESS and NetworkCheck the status (up/down) PeopleSoft Portal, ESS and Network as monitored by SDCOE.


System Status


This is the lookup tool to access historic information from Legacy Applications.

Report Manager (TREEV) - Legacy Reports site. For access, ask your PeopleSoft Contact to submit a Service Portal ticket.

Historical Paycheck Website 

Use this link to view historical paychecks (pre-PeopleSoft).

CBO Dashboard

For authorized users only - please refer to your CBO for more information.

HR Administrator Dashboard

For authorized users only - please refer to your HR Administrator for more information.

PeopleSoft Payroll Calendars (PDF)   2022-23  | 2023-24

These calendars are maintained by SDCOE Payroll Services (

CAB Website Customer Advisory Board site with their calendar, agenda, minutes and other information.

PeopleSoft Organizations

A list of all districts and charter schools by deployment.

Excel Resources Webpage

This "How to Excel for PeopleSoft" page is managed by SDCOE Business Services. Scroll down to "More to Explore". Click thge plus sign for How to Excel for PeopleSoft section to see all the excel videos and job aids.

Satellite Training Locations: NCREC | SCREC

Enhancement Request Form


PeopleSoft Portal 

To log into the PeopleSoft Portal to access Financials and HCM. This is the Production environment.

PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service (ESS)

System Status Check the status (up/down) of Production environments and view dates of scheduled maintenance.

Secure Authorization Access to Production Portal

SecureAuth Users Web Portal to access PeopleSoft Production environment:

Secure Authorization Access to Sandbox (X) Portal

SecureAuth Users Web Portal to access PeopleSoft Sandbox (X) environment:

Secure Authorization Access to Testing  (T) Portal

This is access for the SecureAuth Users Web Portal to access PeopleSoft Testing  (T) environment:

PBCS - Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service 


  Narrrative Reporting:

These environments are used by all districts



SDCOE Service Portal

For authorized users with accounts.

Bomgar Support Portal - FOR DISTRICTS

Bomgar is a tool we use to set up a session so we can view your computer (and you can view ours) during support calls. Once given a session key by one of our staff members, go to the Bomgar Support Portal. NOTE: You will need to click OK and Accept a few times to set up the session. Bomgar requires Java.



Review actual incident tickets with solutions to help you learn about the system.


Training Databases:

For use during training sessions at SDCOE only.