ESS and General Info Training Materials

PeopleSoft Support Team has created a variety of training materials to help you work in Employee Self-Service (ESS) and other areas.

  • Guides and Job Aids: Provide step by step instructions.

  • Videos & Webinars: These include basic and advanced videos and recordings from our webinars.

    • BASIC Videos: Great way to get your new hires working in PeopleSoft; use in conjuction with the training guides.

Video overview of Training Materials Webpages. (March 2021, 18:25)

Visit these other web pages for additional training materials:

Guides & Job Aids Videos & Webinars

Taking the Next Step with Employee Self-Service (Dec 2018. 39:44)

COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Videos

Entering COVID-19 Vaccination Information in ESS Video. (Sept, 2021)

Entering COVID-19 Testing Information in ESS Video. (Sept. 2021)

Personal Information Videos and Webinars

ESS Personal Info Updating for Employees Video. (06/09/2020, 4:24)

ESS Personal Information Webinar. (06/09/2020, 16:04)

ESS Personal Information Webinar Video (06/09/20, 16:04)

Direct Deposit Videos and Webinars

ESS Direct Deposit Setup for Employee Payroll Video. (07/02/20, 18:21)

ESS Direct Deposit Phase II for District Staff Webinar. (07/02/20, 24:31)

Tax Withholding Videos

Updating Tax Withholding Forms on ESS Video. (10/16/20, 25:30)

Absence Videos

Entering Absence Requests in PeopleSoft ESS Video.. (May 2016, 1:03:20)