2023 PeopleSoft Conference 

March 8 - 9, 2023: Mission Complete!

Thank you to the over 600 people that were able to attend the 2023 PeopleSoft Conference virtually.

Session recordings are available to ALL PeopleSoft users on SCHED our conference app. Use the password: peoplesoft

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FAQ's for Presenters

Q: Will I get an attendee list for my session? 

A: Presenters can go into SCHED anytime to view their attendees: https://sched.com/guide/print-attendance-list/ 

Q: Do I need to register

A: No, presenters are already set up to select the sessions they want to attend. If you already registered, that is fine.  

Q: Do we need to add a slide letting the attendees know where they can get a PDF copy of the PowerPoints and listen to the Sessions' recordings? 

A: A welcome email to attendees will remind them where to get PPT and recordings.

A: This will be shared in the Opening and Closing Sessions so it doesn’t take time away from your presentation time. 

Q: Who will be creating PDF file versions of the PowerPoints? 

A: Presenters will submit their presentations as a Power Point. 

Conference Team will convert to PDF before posting in SCHED 

Presenters need to keep a PPT version to use for PPT Live 

Q: Where will the final versions of the PowerPoints be stored prior to the Conference? 

A: All Conference materials will be stored in SharePoint for internal access.  

A: After Conference, materials will be posted on PeopleSoft Support website for district user access. 

Q: Are the Sessions going to be recorded? 

A: Media and Creative Services (MCS) are setting up all the conference sessions in Teams. They are set to start when the session is opened. So, if you go into your session 10 min early, the session recording will start. MCS will trim this part before making the presentation public. They found that this has worked well for other conferences.

Q: Will there be someone tasked to monitor the Chat and "Raise Hand" Reactions for questions during the Sessions? 

A: We ask that  presenters find a moderator to help with this. Many sessions have multiple presenters who can help. If you need a moderator, please reach out to itstraining@sdcoe.net and we will get you some help.  

Q: Will there be someone tasked to tak notes or write down questions and answers during the sessions? Or will we just rely on the session's recording and Chat history? 

A: We suggest using Chat so you can refer to them after your session. Less chance of a question being missed. 

Q: How do we handle questions that we cannot answer during the session? Do we capture them, get answers after the Conference, and publish the questions/answers later? 

A: Have them put the questions in the chat so you can capture them. Then create a Word doc for “Follow up Q&A from session XXX”. Email  the doc to itstraining@sdcoe.net and we will post it with the PPT on the PeopleSoft Support website 

Q: Are there any limits on the number of people who can attend a Session? 

A: No. Teams allows for 1,000 attendees before it will start to restrict meeting features.