Query Manager Authorization Form

(FIN and HCM)


PeopleSoft Query Manager is a tool in Finance (FIN) and Human Capital Management (HCM) that allows users to create queries from a limited number of records (tables) that have been secured by SDCOE. The authorization form is used to request access to Query Manager FIN and/or Query Manager HCM for an employee at a district or charter school that uses PeopleSoft. The form lists Terms & Conditions and a Confidentiality Agreement (p.2). Access to Query Manager will be provided after the signed form is on file and training is completed.

FOR HCM USERS: It is highly recommended that you identify the appropriate people to have access to Query Manager HCM. For more information, please watch the February Third Thursday Demo: Query Manager HCM: Things To Consider (Feb 2018).

Authorization Form

PeopleSoft Query Manager Authorization Form v2.0.pdf - The same form is used for FIN and HCM.

Training Dates

Please check Go Sign Me Up (search "query") for upcoming QY2 Query Manager Finance and/or QY3 Query Manager HCM training sessions provided by the SDCOE Customer Resource Center. If you would like to be a "Q user" for both FIN and HCM, you need to attend both FIN and HCM classes.

How to Obtain Access to Query Manager

Directions: Follow this process to obtain access to Query Manager FIN and/or HCM.

    1. Identify the next QY2 Query Manager FIN and/or QY3 Query Manager HCM training dates. You can check dates using Go Sign Me Up (GSMU). NOTE: This course is not available for self-registration. Registration information is explained at the Third Thursday Demo from February 2018.

    2. Download and complete the Authorization Form. This form must be signed by the Employee (“Signatory” or “User”) and Superintendent before training and access to Query Manager will be provided.

    3. Authorization Form: PeopleSoft Query Manager Authorization Form v2.0.pdf

    4. Submit a Service Portal ticket at https://service.sdcoe.net

A. Create the ticket by selecting:

    1. Request

      1. Application: PeopleSoft Human Capital Management or PeopleSoft Finance

      2. Type of Request: Training

      3. How many employees need this training?: Enter #

      4. Urgency: Medium

      5. Short Description: Request Query Manager Training for Empl ID ###### . Specify whether you want to attend Query Manager HCM (QY3) on 06/25/19 and/or Query Manager Finance (QY2) on 06/27/19

B. Attach a scanned copy of the signed Authorization Form

4. Two days prior to training you will receive an automated reminder email from GSMU.

5. Attend QY2 or QY3 training. You must successfully complete the final independent activity (“test”) in order to be granted access to Query Manager.

6. Upon completing training you will be assigned a new "Q user" ID and the M_DISTRICT_QUERY_MANAGER role. For your regular ID you will also be given read-only access to Query Manager.

About Query Manager Training

    • In the QY2 and QY3 courses we will show you how to use Query Manager to edit PeopleSoft queries created by EBS and also create your own queries from a set of limited secured tables. You will explore how to add/edit/sort fields and prompts within currently available queries.

    • In order to be a user of Query Manager you MUST have experience with Excel and database structure (tables, fields, criteria, joins, etc.).

    • Guided instruction is provided. At the end, you will complete a final activity on your own.

    • If you would like to be a "Q user" for both FIN and HCM, you need to attend both FIN and HCM classes.