Job Data Modernization Project

PowerPoint: Job Data Modernization: New Look and Feel Overview for Districts Presentation.pptx 

Presentation  Job Data Modernization: New Look and Feel Overview for Districts Presentation Video (


The Job Data Modernization Project replaces the current (Classic) Job Data page with an updated fluid tile, improved search and results features, and a frictionless data entry user interface, among other features. The project is officially kicking off in the next few weeks with a go-live date of January 30, 2023!  This page will be updated weekly during the lifetime of this project with more information on specific features, demonstrations, feedback surveys, and project status updates.  

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this project please contact Anthony Rodgers, Project Lead, at 


Job Data Modernization: Initial Engagement Discussion Presentation (July 2022) Project Team met with a select group of districts and departments to gather information for this project.

Project Kickoff Meeting Presentation (September 2022) 

Job Data Modernization User Scripts (December 2022)


2023-01-27 Reminder Job Data Modernization going live on Monday, January 30, 2023

2022-10-12 Peoplesoft HCM Project: Job Data Modernization Update

2022-08-26 Next Peoplesoft HCM Project: Job Data Modernization


What Is Job Data Modernization? - Video (08/29/22, 4:43)

Project Kickoff Meeting  - Video (9/29/22, 52:33)

DEMO: Action/Reason Entry Guide – streamlining data entry – Video  (09/12/22, 3:54)

DEMO: Search Criteria and Results – New helpful fields available! – Video (9/15/22, 3:05) 

DEMO: Job Approval Workflow Demo – Approval in Job Data! – Video (10/3/22, 3:18)

DEMO: Navigation and Access (12/20/22, 1:35)

DEMO: Search and Results (12/22/22. 2:48)


User Survey Feedback #1 (Please Respond by 09/30/22)

Status Report Job Modernization 08-19-22



This environment is a copy of production (including your password) as of the middle of October and includes the Job Data Modernization Upgrade for you to take a sneak-peak and explore. This Sandbox can be used to replicate any of your production transactions, create entirely new transactions, try out the Job Data Modernization User Scripts, and/or interact with any part of the system. 

Job Data Modernization Sandbox Environment - no loner available  available after go live


The Job Data Modernization upgrade was completed as planned during the normal Saturday maintenance window from 12:00 am to 8:00 am on Saturday, January 28, 2023. Finance and ESS  were available at  normal time of 8:00 am. HCM users were asked to hold off accessing HCM until testing was complete. Our team  completed testing Saturday morning to ensure the upgrade was successful. User were notified at 12:15 pm on Saturday, January 28, 2023 that testing was complete and users could now access HCM.