Travel Authorizations for SDCOE Employees


Beginning July 1, 2014, SDCOE employees will use PeopleSoft for travel authorizations. The process entails that you create a requisition before you travel with the estimated costs, then submit to your managers for approval. After you travel, you the open the approved requisition and revise the estimated costs to the actual costs and attach necessary receipts/documentation. To learn the process, refer to the guide and watch the instructional video. Both of these resources are available on this page.


PeopleSoft Travel Authorizations Guide v1.2.pdf (36 pp.)

Instructional Video

12 min, 51 sec

UPDATE: A piece of information in this video has changed since it was created in June 2014. In the section that discusses how your requisition is approved by Accounts Payable, it is actually going to be marked "Denied" with a written comment that it was approved. AP needs to deny the req to re-route it to you so it can be used later for the reimbursement claim. Please refer to p.4 of the guide for an explanation of the routing. Also, as of 02/27/15, when selecting the Travel items,use "All Items" from the Catalog. Please refer to the guide for details.