Correct History Authorization Form for Time Reporter Data (TRD)


Districts and charter schools may authorize that a specific employee carefully uses Correct History in PeopleSoft HCM to correct (change/delete) employee Time Reporter Data (TRD) using HCM > Main Menu > Time and Labor > Enroll Time Reporters > Maintain Time Reporter Data. This is the only screen with Correct History being granted to districts and charter schools.

REMEMBER! PeopleSoft Correct History is a powerful action on HCM and Finance screens that allows users to make changes to effective-dated information. The Correct History option only appears on pages that access effective-dated tables. Use of Correct History does not leave an audit trail. Use of Correct History changes effective dated material, impacting employee records. Incorrect use of Correct History can have a major impact on other areas of the system.

This function should be used with extreme caution.


How to obtain Correct History access for Time Reporter Data:

    1. Download and complete the Correct History Authorization Form. The form includes an Agreement section with 8 items that should be carefully reviewed.

    2. PeopleSoft Correct History Authorization Form (HCM) v1.1.pdf

    3. Obtain the Superintendent signature.

    4. Scan the completed form and save as a PDF.

    5. An authorized staff member (Primary Contact) needs to create a new HEAT ticket and attach the signed form. Enter this description on the ticket: "Per Superintendent [First Last], please grant Correct History access for Time Reporter Data for [First Last/ID]. Screen: Main Menu > Time and Labor > Enroll Time Reporters > Maintain Time Reporter Data. Please see signed authorization form attached."

    6. The CRC will route the form for final approval, then provide over-the-phone Correct History training for the employee.

How to remove Correct History access:

If and when the employee’s access to Correct History needs to be removed, an authorized staff member (Primary Contact) must submit a HEAT ticket with the request and include the employee’s name and ID. Sample ticket: “Please remove access to Correct History on the Maintain Time Reporter Data screen for Employee 123456 (Jane Doe). This is authorized by First Last [your name].”