HCM Training Materials

PeopleSoft Support Team has created a variety of Human Capital Management (HCM) training materials to help you work in each of the different modules.

  • Guides and Job Aids: Provide step by step instructions, spreadsheets and Excel-to-CI tools.

  • Videos & Webinars: These include basic and advanced videos and recordings from our webinars.

    • BASIC Videos: Great way to get your new hires working in PeopleSoft; use in conjuction with the training guides.

Video overview of Training Materials Webpages (March 2021, 18:25)

Visit these other web pages for additional training materials:

Guides & Job Aids Videos & Webinars

ExcelToCI.vb1 Required for ALL Excel/CI spreadsheets. This file must be renamed to ExcelToCI.vbs after it is downloaded.

RelLangMcro.xla Required for ALL Excel/CI spreadsheets.