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Finance Training Materials

PeopleSoft Support Team has created a variety of Finance training materials to help you work in each of the different modules.
  • Guides and Job Aids: Provide step by step instructions spreadsheets and Excel-to-CI tools.
  • Videos & Webinars: These include basic and advanced videos and recordings from our webinars.
    • BASIC Videos: Great way to get your new hires working in PeopleSoft; use in conjuction with the training guides.

Visit these other web pages for additional training materials:

 Guides & Job Aids    Videos & Webinars

Intro to PeopleSoft icon

 Introduction to PeopleSoft Guide.pdf (10/26/20, v3.2)

 Clear Cache.jpg

 PeopleSoft Terminology for New Users.pdf (05/01/18, v3.0)

 Personalizing PeopleSoft - Demo.pdf (11/19/15)

 Sharing Grid Personalizations.pdf (05/21/20, v1.0)

 WorkCenters - Demo.pdf (07/18/19)

 INTRO: Introduction to PeopleSoft (Jun 2015, 1:01:28) BASIC

 Introduction to PeopleSoft Overview (Feb 2021, 4:51) BASIC

PeopleSoft WorkCenters - Using WorkCenters to Streamline Your Work (Jul 2019, 25:40)

Accounts Payable icon
 AP1 Accounts Payable Guide.pdf 09/06/19, v6.4)

 Excel Upload for Voucher.xlsm

 AP Voucher Import Process - Demo.pdf (Aug 2019)

 1099 Processing in PeopleSoft Guide.pdf (08/13/20, v6.0)
 ASB Payment Load Information.xlsx (Dec 2014)

 AP ACH Vendor Payment Guide.pdf (11/03/20, v1.5)

 ACH Vendor Payment Presentation (04/13/21) This is the   presentation from the webinar

 ACH Vendor Payment Q&A from Webinar (04/13/21) This document captures   questions and answers from the webinar.


 AP Voucher Import (11:07)

 Supplier Management (Dec 2015, 42:04)

 1099 Processing (Nov 2016, 59:31)

  ACH Vendor Payment (7:57) This video is the "how to" for changing     Suppliers for ACH.

 ACH Vendor Payment Webinar (04/13/21,48:12) This is the webinar   video that includes the "how to video" as well as questions and answers about the   process.

Accounts Receivable icon   
 AR1: Accounts Receivable Guide.pdf (10/09/20, v6.0)
 Accounts Receivable Basics (15:59) BASIC
Accounts Receivable icon
 AR3: Billing and Express Deposits Guide.pdf (08/12/20, v4.0)
Approvals in Finance icon 
 Approval WorkCenter Guide.pdf (08/07/20, v1.0)
 Approval WorkCenter (26:01)
 Manager Approvals in PeopleSoft Finance (Mar 2016, 41:37)

Budgets icon

 KK1: Commitment Control Guide.pdf (02/22/21, v7.0)

 Manual Encumbrance Journals.pdf (07/09/18, v1.0)
 BudgetJrnlUpload_Template_Control_PBCS.xlsx (12/21/20)

 BudgetJrnlUpload_Template_Non-Control_PBCS.xlsx     (12/21/20)
 Financial Data Load Budget Working.xlsx (01/12/21) 



 Budget Inquiry (Jul 2015, 53:10)

 Import Budget Journals from a CSV File (Jul 2016, 28:33)

 Working Budget (May 2017, 37:17)
CBO Dashboard icon 
 CBO Dashboard Guide.pdf (11/10/20, v2.0)

 CBO Dashboard Demo Presentation (02/22/19)
 CBO Dashboard Demo (55:15)
Finance Overview
 Financials Overview.pdf 05/01/18, v2.0)

 Finance Reports Cheat Sheet.pdf (04/22/18, v1.0)

 Finance Workflow Overview.pptx 05/21/15, v2.0)

 Finance Workflow (May 2015)

FAM icon 
 FAM1 Financial Asset Management Guide.pdf (12/02/20, v6.0)
 FAM1 Integrating Assets Flowchart.pdf (v4.4)

General Ledger icon
 GL1: General Ledger Guide.pdf (05/26/21, v7.`)

 Creating Journal Entries with Excel - Demo.pptx (Sept 2017)

 Combo Code Guide.pdf (08/16/18, v1.0)

 GL Trial Bal PS.xlsx (11/08/19, v8.1)


 Everything You Need to Know About Combo Codes Since   You Implemented PeopleSoft HCM - Demo.pdf (Aug 2018)

 Creating a KK No Post Journal (2:53)

 Auditor’s Transfer Processing Updates (Jan 2017, 52:30)

 Clearing Payroll Suspense (Mar 2017, 33:17)

 GL Journal Import Process (Using Excel) (Sep 2017, 31:06)
Inventory icon 
 IN1 Inventory Guide.pdf (03/15/21, v5.0)

 Inventory Flowcharts.pdf (Feb 2016, v4.0)

Project Costing icon 
 PC1 Project Costing Guide.pdf (05/01/18, v2.0)

 Project Costing and Grant Management - Demo.pdf (July   2017)
 Project Costing - Demo (35:31)
Req icon
 PO1 Requisitions Flowchart.pdf
 PO1 Requisitions Guide - Managed Reqs.pdf (05/01/18, v6.0)

 PO1A Requisitions - Presentation.pptx (Dec 2018)

 PO1C Requisitions Guide - Core Pages.pdf (11/30/20, v2.0)

 eProcurement to Create Requisition for Next FY (05/24/21,     v1.0)

 PO1: Creating New Requisitions for the Next Fiscal   Year (1:18:44)

 PO2 Purchase Order Guide.pdf (11/15/20, v7.0)

 Add Ship To Location Code.pdf (12/14/18, v1.0)



 Procure-to-Pay Process (Jan 2015, 58:28)

 Viewing an Existing Purchase Order (Sep 2015, 59:09)
Purchasing Receiving icon
 PO3 Receiving Goods and RTVs Guide.pdf (05/01/18, v5.0)
Quote icon 
 PO4 Request for Quotes Guide.pdf (06/04/15, v2.0)

Purchasing - Other icon
 PeopleSoft Procure to Pay Process Guide.pdf (11/09/18, v1.3)

 Procure-to-Pay Process Presentation.pptx (01/15/15, v2.0)

 Purchasing Reconciliation Process (4/29/21, v2.0)

 Purchasing Reconciliation Processes Presentation.pptx   (01/15/15, v2.0)

Changing Sales and Use Tax Rates.pdf (11/09/18, v1.1)


Query Manager icon
 Query Manager Guide.pdf (01/07/20, v1.0

 Query Manager Authorization Form.pdf (v2.0)

 Query Manager Tips and Tricks.pdf (01/07/20, v1.0)

 QY2 Records and Fields Master List.xlsx (05/02/18)

 Finance Query Manager.pptx (April 2017)

 Finance Query Manager (Apr 2017, 41:50)
Query Viewer icon 
 Finance Query Reference Guide.pdf (09/11/17, v1.1)

 QY1 Query Viewer Guide.pdf (01/07/20, v2.1)

 Scheduling PeopleSoft Queries and Reports.pdf (07/19/17,   v1.0)

 Excel & PeopleSoft Queries Guide.pdf (10/23/17, v1.1)
 Finance Queries (Mar 2015, 59:18)

 PeopleSoft Conference - Excel and PeopleSoft Queries FIN   Video (12:28)

T&E icon
 TE1Travel and Expenses for Employees Guide.pdf 08/27/18,   v3.1)
 TE2 Travel and Expenses Administration Guide.pdf (05/22/18,   v2.1)

 TE3 Travel and Expenses for AP Guide.pdf (09/12/18, v2.1)

 TA_ER Cheat Sheet.pdf (v3.1)

 How to Enter a TA - Demo.pdf (May 2018)

 Business Unit Verification for TAs and ERs.pdf 05/03/18, v2.0)
 SDCOE TE Refresher.pdf (06/12/19)

 TA and ER Quick Start Directions (Sep 2016, 48:41)

Year End Closing Finance
 PeopleSoft Year End Finance Closing Guide.pdf (05/19/20,   v4.8)

  Year Closing for Finance - Presentation.pptx (May 2020)

  Year End Finance Accrual Process - Presentation.pptx     (06/23/16, v1.1)

  Important Dates for 2021 Year End Closing (April 2021)

 Year End Finance Review of Closing Activities Webinar (May   2020, 54:58)


Year End Purchasing
 PeopleSoft Year End Closing Guide for Purchasing &   Inventory.pdf (05/11/20, v7.0)

 Year End Closing for Purchasing Presentation.pptx (05/12/20,   v5.0)

 PO Rollover Process Guide.pdf (05/19/20, v2.0)

 PO Rollover - Presentation.pptx (05/19/20)

 Important Dates for 2021 Year End Closing (April 2021)
 Year End Purchasing Issues and Solutions.pdf (11/16/17, 1.0)

 Requisitions and POs for Next Fiscal Year.pdf (05/18/16, v1.0)

 Year End Purchasing Review of Closing Activities     Webinar (May 2020, 1:22:30)
 Year End PO Rollover Process Webinar (May 2020, 46:51)
 PO Rollover Process (May 2020, 14:36)

 PO1: Creating New Requisitions for the Next Fiscal   Year (June   2015. 1:18:44)

 Year End Purchasing Issues and Solutions (Nov 2017, 24:25)
Year End Closing Inventory 
 PeopleSoft Year End Closing Guide for Purchasing &   Inventory.pdf (05/11/20, v7.0)

 Year End Closing for Inventory - Presentation.pptx (05/12/20,   v5.0)

IN2 Inventory Count and Reconciliation Guide.pdf (04/20/21, v2.0)

 Year End Inventory Review of Closing ActivitiesWebinar (May   2020, 45:03)

  Inventory Count and Reconciliation Webinar (May 2016, 1:21:00)