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Recruitment Project

PURPOSE: This survey is intended to gauge district’s interest in implementing and using the delivered features and functions of the HR Recruiting Module and Solutions within the PeopleSoft HCM Suite. 
BACKGROUND: Chula Vista volunteered to be the pilot district for this module and has been using the system for their recruitment process for 2 years. 
INSTRUCTIONS: Please reference the Recruiting Project District Use Cases Document document if you need additional information regarding the survey questions. The document information includes more detailed information around the features and functions of the system. Also included in the survey is the document’s corresponding sections that are noted in parenthesis. 



      PeopleSoft Recruitment Demonstration (09/29/2020) - This demo was done for the HR Administrators to get an overview of the PeopleSoft Recruitment module.

      PeopleSoft OnBoarding Overview (01/28/20, 23:02) - This video, presented by Oracle, provides an overview of OnBoarding as well as setting up and                              managaging OnBoarding activities. The video includes a demo of the complete OnBoarding process.

        PeopleSoft OffBoarding Overview (10/04/19, 13:06) - This video, presented by Oracle, walks you through the required steps to complete the exit process.