Suggestions for resolving FIS - Vision Content: Reports - Report Manager (RPTMGR4) issue when using Internet Explorer

Post date: Aug 11, 2017 7:12:13 PM

Some users have reported an issue with FIS - Vision Content: Reports - Report Manager (RPTMGR4) Internet Explorer ‘RPTMGR ISView’ access where the screen appears like this:

Here are some suggestions to try.

Refresh (F5)

As simple as it sounds, manually refreshing the page may fix the issue. To do that, just hit the f5 refresh key with the report loaded, and see if it loads any differently.

Compatibility View Settings

Sometimes with newer versions of Internet Explorer, some features work better when in compatibility view. To check it, IE go to Tools > Compatibility View Settings. If you can’t see the “tools” menu option because you have the menu bar hidden, the first thing to do is right-click somewhere on the toolbar, and select Menu bar. Add the website you were on to the list, and make sure the “Display intranet sites in compatibility view” was selected as well; it may look something like this (our URL is ‘’):

Security Settings

You may also want to check the security settings of the URL, to see if it is trying to load as an internet site, a local intranet site, or trusted site. We prefer trusted sites; often internet sites have more restrictions in place that keep our software from working well. This is easy enough to check. When you are on the ISView site, if you go to File > Properties, it should list a “zone” of internet, local intranet, or trusted site. You can often adjust the site if you go to Tools > Internet Options > Security, then choose Trusted sites, and the “sites” button, and you can add the URL to trusted sites manually. Not all systems allow sites to be added that way, depending on security restrictions (URL address is (

Check for New Versions

Another thing that has occasionally fixed issues like this is to change the settings to check for new versions of the page on every visit to the page. This is under Tools > Internet Options > General > Settings (under Temporary Internet Files) > change to every time I visit the webpage.