Legacy Info FAQs

Post date: Oct 01, 2018 9:47:20 PM

Legacy Info is at https://legacyinfo.sdcoe.net.

Most of the questions on this list were generated during the September 2018 Third Thursday Demo. This list was updated 10/1/18.


Q: How do I get an account?

Submit the Legacy Info Account Request Form. Watch the demo for more information: September 2018 Third Thursday Demo.

Q: Is login first name or initial?

It can vary based on how your account was set up. Examples: first.last, flast. Newer accounts tend to be created first.last.

Q: Will we have access to multiple districts? I need history for 3 business units.

The system keys off of a particular District ID. We would need to create 3 separate account logins to access each district. In order to provide security so you're not seeing other district's data, we need to set it up this way. Please email John Vaillancourt (jvaillancourt@sdcoe.net).

Q: How do you log out of this system? Do we just X out?

Yes, just X out.

Q: Since I cannot log out, I will need help to get back to the login screen – I have multiple logins.

Use incognito or private window. If you need help, please email John Vaillancourt (jvaillancourt@sdcoe.net).

Q: My VPN login is not working for legacy info.

Please email John Vaillancourt (jvaillancourt@sdcoe.net).

Q: If we had multiple accounts for Legacy, will our Legacy VPN logins work here?


Q: I need my password reset.

If you do not remember your password to your SDCOE VPN account please email John Vaillancourt (jvaillancourt@sdcoe.net).

Q: I have a question, issue, and/or request.

For any questions or issues about the legacy reporting system not related to a new account or password reset, please ask your PeopleSoft Contact to submit a HEAT ticket. The ticket will be routed to ITS.


Q: We noticed that we are not able to view SSN on EMPLY, but sometimes we need to see it. Will it ever be available?

We will add the SSN to EMPLY

Q: Can we change the layout?

The layouts can be modified by ITS. Currently ITS is working to roll out more reports. If you have feedback on layouts, submit a HEAT ticket (thru PeopleSoft Contact) - the CRC will forward the ticket to ITS.

Q: If there are multiple people with the same last name, do you need to narrow down the first name?

For reports such as EMPLY, all employees with the same last name will be listed if that is the query type you have selected. Review the query types for each report if you would like to limit your search output.

Q: Is POSIT not available because they were rolled over with 1014 prefix?

From a user participating on the Third Thursday Demo: Prior to PeopleSoft, the position # was always 4 digits only. The PeopleSoft position # is the same number with the prefix of 10XX in front of it. It is 10 plus the district number.


Q: What if any are other reports SDCOE is planning to include?

Next reports are TPTOT, EXPAY (9/28/18)

Then PYMTL, PYMTS (10/5/18)

Numerous one-time extracts (about 6) - we will work with Payroll Services, Retirement, and the CRC to provide those to you. Placed in SFTP so you can retrieve: CDAYS, EDIST

Q: Could there be a screen for “EMPLY” that would be printer friendly such as what was created for “CRYTD”?

We can create a more printer friendly version of this screen but it will have to come after other needed reports are released.

Q: Will there be a report for credentials (CRLTS)?

This is not in our current backlog. John Vaillancourt (jvaillancourt@sdcoe.net) will reach out to this user to learn more about their needs.

Q: HR question…since only Payroll reports have been focused on at this time.

The priority for the reports was developed by reviewing what was most frequently accessed on legacy and what pilot districts requested. We can review requests for other reports but we would need a screen name or description of the desired content.


Q: Is there a projected timeline for FISNEW?

On Friday, November 9, 2018, we will release nine screens: EXPINQ, TRANS, INVHST, LISTTR, STKLST, PRQLST, REVINQ, VENLST, VENHST (Updated 11/6/18)