How to get help with FIS, Payroll, and other Legacy Applications – EFFECTIVE 04/02/14

Post date: Apr 02, 2014 4:22:48 PM

How do I get help with FIS, *Payroll, and other Legacy Applications?

The SDCOE Customer Resource Center (CRC) now provides support for FIS, *Payroll, HR, Leave, Fixed Assets, BPS, Purchasing, Stores, Position Control System, and Report Manager. For assistance, please call (800) 289-1500 and press “4” to speak with a CRC staff member about Legacy Applications. The CRC will collect as much information from you as possible and create a ticket so an analyst can assist you.

* NOTE: Two departments at SDCOE—Payroll Audit and the CRC—provide different types of support for Payroll. Please see the table below for more information on which department to contact for assistance.

When might I need to contact the CRC?

Here are some examples of why you might call the CRC for assistance with Legacy apps:

Access. “I need access to FIS” or “I need update capabilities in FIS.”

How to’s. “How do I do [insert procedure here] in FIS/Fixed Assets/BPS?”

Reports. “How do I run [insert report here] in FIS?”

Troubleshooting. “I got this error message in FIS. What do I do?” or “I have a PO printing problem and don’t know why.”

Where can I find resources online?

You can access user manuals, tutorials, and job aids at

How do I request a BPS Extract?

To request a BPS Extract, you don’t need to call the CRC. Please complete and submit the BPS Extract Request Form posted at

For Payroll questions, when do I contact Payroll Audit? When do I call the CRC?

For assistance with Payroll, contact either Payroll Audit or the CRC following the guidelines in the table below.

Payroll Audit

Email Payroll Audit at (enter Subject: District Payroll Question) for these types of questions:


Call the CRC at (800) 289-1500 and press “4” for these types of Payroll questions:

    • Retro Report requests (Please allow 3-5 business days for reports to process and deliver)

    • ACH problems, including returns and cancellations

    • Garnishment concerns

    • 10/12 pay issues

    • Warrant questions regarding top payments, duplicates, cancellations, voids, damaged, and over-aged.

    • Vendor setup and distribution

    • Abatement procedures

    • Prior year salary overpayments

    • District level tax reporting and deposits

    • Year End W-2 Reportable Items

    • User Screen Access and maintenance

    • Online Paystubs

    • Pre-Pay Exception errors

    • CTC Bridge Configuration

    • Extra Pay Types/Codes

    • Payroll Extracts/Downloads/Imports

    • Payroll Accruals – Year End Processing

    • Payroll New Hire Tips

    • Payroll Termination Tips

    • Payroll User’s Manual – Screen Usage

    • OPEB – Other Post-Employment Benefits GASB45

    • LEAVE – Upload Balances/Year End Processing

    • Report Manager – JAVA/Exporting/Printing

    • Salary Schedules - building/updating

    • System Access/Login/Passwords/Security

    • Worksite Report for EDD – Employment Development Department

Do I email any longer?

No. Effective April 2, 2014, please do not email This FisPayHelp inbox is no longer active. The new procedure is to contact the CRC at (800) 289-1500. For more information, please go to or contact Peyri Herrera at