FIS System: Year End Reminders

Post date: Jun 17, 2016 10:17:59 PM

The following reminders are for the fiscal year end processes and corresponding dates (as applicable) for the month of June and early part of July.

    • Please make sure that Resource 9999 and Object 9511 (Accrual Suspense) are set up for each fund in FY2016-2017. When payroll posts to FIS and 9511 is not set up for a particular Fund and Resource, the system will then have to post to Resource 9999 and Object 9511 for that fund and resource.

  • Important Dates for Year End:

06/21/16 – M12 will post to FIS in the evening.

06/23/16 – Last day to input SXADJs.

06/23/16 – SXADJs will post to FIS this evening.

06/29/16 – Last day to input invoices for FY15/16 with a 06/30/16 Due Date.

06/30/16 – INVADD will be disabled in the morning.

06/30/16 – Last day to order VENDOR Report #03 (Alpha) or #04 (Numeric) as a Now before vendor history is rolled to the new fiscal year.

06/30/16 – VENDMT dollar amounts will move from “This Fiscal Year” to “Last Fiscal Year” during the nightly process.

07/01/16 – ENCUPD and ENCENT will be disabled in the morning.

07/01/16 through 07/06/16 – GLTRBL screen requires FY15/16 entry otherwise defaults to current FY16/17.

07/01/16 – All Encumbrances will be liquidated.

07/06/16 – Month-End closing for On-Lines; System is down at 5:00 pm.

07/07/16 – First day to input invoices with a Due Date of 07/08/16 for FY 16/17.

07/07/16 – ENCENT, ENCUPD, INVADD (for fiscal year 16/17) are available.

07/07/16 – FYTRN, FYDIST (for fiscal year 15/16) are available.

    • New Workers Compensation Rate for FY 16/17 will be displayed on the RATES screen in payroll by June 24. The District WCOMP Mod Factor will be updated by June 24, 2016. To calculate your districts workers compensation rate, multiply this rate times your district WCOMP Mod Factor displayed on the DIST ID screen in Payroll.

    • Electronic Budget Transfers Users: All Complete Electronic Budget Transfers need to be Posted by June Month end close (07/06/16) for FY 15/16. Use the Budget Transfer List screen to clear all Incomplete, Rejected, or In-Transit Budget Transfers for FY 15/16. Update the District Setup Screen (07/07/16) to use Prior Year Electronic Budget Transfers screen during Year-End Closing.