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Upcoming Maintenance

Start time: 09/14/19 - 12:01 AM

End time: 09/14/19 - 08:00 AM (During the Standard Maintenance Window)

Customer Impact: Production PeopleSoft application will be inaccessible

Details: We will be applying Oracle quarterly security patches to PeopleSoft web servers and application servers. During this time production PeopleSoft environments will be impacted and inaccessible. All queued processes on Process Scheduler should be put on hold before the maintenance starts.

Standard PeopleSoft Maintenance Window (Saturday mornings until 8:00 am)

Saturdays from 12:00 am - 8:00 am are reserved for PeopleSoft maintenance. PeopleSoft may become unavailable during this time.

PeopleSoft Upgrade (May 7, 2018)

The PeopleSoft Upgrade is complete. PeopleSoft was updated on Sunday, May 6.

RESOLVED - Fixed In Production

Finance - PO printing blank pages: Purchase Orders (POs) are printing with blank pages mixed in with printed pages. The blank pages have the top-third printed showing logo and district, PO number box, supplier, etc. It is the part where items are listed that is blank or has one line. This has been reported and is being worked on by the technical team. (Issue 1487)
Added 5/10/18
Resolved: 08/07/18

Finance - PO Supplier Item ID text overwrites Description on PO Form (Issue 1505)
Added 5/18/18
Resolved 08/07/18

Finance - Auditor's TransfersWhen logged in as district user, can't add a second line on an AT with another BU (other than the one the user is signed in with). (Issue 1520)
Added 6/6/18
Resolved 07/30/18

Finance - Travel & Expense: T&E TA old Comments printing (Issue 1500). The solution is that the Comments box will be added back to the TA.
Added 5/16/18
Resolved 7/2/18

Finance - Purchasing: PO Defaults changed from Override to Default (Issue1504)
Added 5/18/18
Resolved 6/11/18

ESS Absence Districts - Managers seeing employees not theirs: When approving absences, some managers (Reports To) at SDCOE, Coronado, and Rancho Santa Fe currently see Employees within their district that do not report to them; this includes all Pending reported time as well as absence requests entered in ESS. (Issue 1518)
Added 6/1/18
Resolved 6/12/18

Finance - Approval Chartfields: The labels of the Chartfields on the requisition print/view and also seen by Approvers list Account, Dept, Program, Class, and Chartfield 1 (incorrect headers). See screenshot. We are working on renaming the labels to Object, Site, Function, Goal, and Resource. (Issue 1460)
Updated 5/21/18 - This was previously targeted as a fix on 5/20 with the Project Costing implementation. This item is still in process.
Resolved 5/29/18

HCM and Finance queries can't be found (Issue 1469):
Finance: On 5/7, the FAR_PURCHASE_PO_REMAINING_BAL could not be found. This was fixed on 5/7/18.
HCM: From 5/7 - 5/25, some "Q" users could not find some Private queries in HCM. The problem was around any query that referenced LOCATION_TBL_V2. On 5/25, that record was fixed/updated to “M_LOCATION_TB_V”. Moving forward, "Q" users need to use M_LOCATION_TB_V.
Update 5/7/18 - Restored FAR_PURCHASE_PO_REMAINING_BAL, continuing to work on HCM private queries
Updated 5/10/18 - The project team is still actively working on the HCM private queries.
Resolved 5/25/18 for most users; still working on pending queries that cannot be found

Finance - General Ledger Journal KK Amount Type missing customization: From 5/7 - 5/20, when processing GL journals, the default Commitment Control was reverted to “Actuals and Recognized.” This was fixed and now the default is set back to “Actuals, Recognize and Collect." This was resolved on 5/21/18. (Issue 1480)
Updated 5/17/18: This will be fixed in Production on Mon, 5/21/18.
Resolved 5/21/18

Finance - ChartFields out of order: From 5/7 - 5/19 the ChartFields on the Budget Details screen and other Finance screens were out of order and there was no personalization link to rearrange them. See screenshotThis was resolved with the Project Costing implementation on Sunday, 5/20.
Added 5/7/18, updated 5/8/18
Resolved 5/20/18

Finance - PO logos and signatures showing as the wrong size: From 5/7 - 5/16, some districts had POs that displayed wrong-sized or incorrect logos and/or signatures. This was resolved for a set of districts on 5/11. The remaining districts' POs were fixed on 5/17/18. (Issue 1468)
Added 5/7/18
Updated 5/11/18: Fixed districts with incorrect signatures and asked them to verify (Escondido High, Ramona, Rancho Santa Fe, San Dieguito, Valley Center-Pauma). All confirmed Resolved.
Updated 5/15/18: Finished testing the districts with logo display issues (logo not displaying, logo changed size, logo spaced incorrectly) and those with both logo and signature issues. Working on moving the fix into Production.
Resolved 5/17/18: Fixed the remaining districts (Fallbrook High, SDCOE, San Marcos, Vista). NOTE: Working on an outstanding logo size item for Fallbrook Elementary.

Finance - General Ledgers Journal print issue: From 5/7 - 5/17, journal entries were not printing. They did not appear in the Report Manager. Under "Process" users selected Print Journal but nothing printed. This issue was fixed on 5/17/18. (Issue 1474)
Added 5/9/18
Resolved 5/17/18

Finance - Approvers cannot download requisition attachments from the Worklist: From 5/7 - 5/9, Approvers were unable to download and open attachments to requisitions from the Worklist. They received an “Attachment not found in server” error message. See screenshot. This issue was fixed on 5/10/18. (Issue 1465) 
Added 5/7/18
Updated 5/8/18: Please refer to the announcement for alternate ways to view the req attachment.
Resolved 5/10/18

Finance - PO double emails: From 5/7 - 5/9, double emails were sent when dispatching POs. The Suppliers and Buyers were receiving 2 emails: One was from the Buyer, one was from This issue was fixed on 5/10/18. (Issue 1470)
Added 5/7/18
Updated 5/9/18: Alternate approach at this time - Dispatch the PO from the Add/Update POs page. Use the one-time email feature and enter only the Buyer’s email address (the buyer will receive duplicate emails). Forward the email to the Supplier. 
Resolved 5/10/18

Finance - T&E Expense Report error: On 5/7 and 5/8, users could not enter an expense report (Lakeside and SDCOE). An error was occurring. This high priority issue was fixed on 5/9/18. (Issue 1463)
Added 5/7/18
Resolved 5/9/18

HCM - PAF Print button: On 5/7 and 5/8, the PAF Print button was not working. This issue was fixed on 5/9/18. (Issue 1447)
Added 5/7/18
Resolved 5/9/18

HCM - Timesheet: From 5/7 - 5/14, when entering absences through the Timesheet > Absence tab, when you selected Next Employee or Previous Employee, the screen reverted back to the Report Time Status tab instead of remaining on the Absence tab. This also occurred when you used Next/Previous on any of the other tabs, such as Summary, Exceptions or Payable Time. The solution was identified in a test environment on May 9. This was fixed in Production on Tuesday, May 15. (Issue 1471)
Added 5/7/18, updated 5/9/18
Resolved 5/15/18

ESS Personal Information Summary: From 5/7 - 5/14, the Personal Information Summary link was removed from the Personal Information pagelet in ESS. The page did not display correctly. The solution was identified in a test environment on May 7. This was fixed in Production on Tuesday, May 15 and the access for the impacted districts was restored. (Issue 1448)
Added 5/7/18, updated 5/9/18
Resolved 5/15/18

Items Being Worked

Finance - PO Comments disappearing: Documents denied on 05/07 and onwards, the comments are showing, as expected. The problem is that for documents denied before 05/07, the comments disappeared. Approvers and those who submitted cannot see why the documents were denied. (Issue 1525)
Added 6/8/18

Finance - Travel & ExpenseNewly-added EX_USR_EE_AUTH component (DEFINE_EXPENSES_SECURITY menu) doesn’t have security by district. The TE Admins (like Keri for Lakeside, user 446731) had the “districts seeing other districts’ data” issue on the Authorize Expense Users page included in their role. Access to the component has been temporarily removed from M_TA_ADMIN role. Ticket #147422. (Issue 1522)
Added 6/7/18

HCM - Query M_Excess_Leave_Rpt: Not picking up Appr/Pnding Req. (Issue 1515)
Added 5/29/18

Finance - PurchasingSometimes when saving a requisition or a PO, you get a message "The purchase order (or req) cannot be saved. (10200.732), Because Budget Processor is running against this document in the background. (Issue 1514)
Added 5/25/18)

Finance - Description entered on PO not retaining returns, runs words into 1 paragraph instead of individual lines. (Issue 1503)
Added 5/18/18

Finance - Travel & Expense TA Actions History Missing & Summary Link not working (Issue 1501)
Added 5/16/18

Finance - InventoryIN Receipt can’t enter default Putaway (Issue 1499)
Added 5/16/18

Finance - Voucher only pulling 1 chartstring from PO (Issue 1494)
Added 5/15/18

HCM - M_AM_DISTRICT_BALANCES query: The M_AM_DISTRICT_BALANCES query is taking too long to run. An example is 15-20 minutes to return 2000 rows. This has been reported and is being worked on by the technical team. (Issue 1481)
Added 5/9/18

Finance - PO Report Manager: Comm Cntrl Budget Processor (a non-report related job instance) is appearing on Report Manager. Before the upgrade, only report-related job and document links (.pdf) were listed on Report Manager > Administration tab. (Issue 1489)
Added 5/14/18

Finance - AP Voucher self-approval not approving: Those set up as self-approvers will have the vouchers route for approval rather than be approved instantly. Go into the Worklist to approve your vouchers. This has been reported and is being worked on by the technical team. (Issue 1490)
Added 5/8/18
Updated 5/14/18 as Issue 1490

Finance - AP Voucher Upload: The Voucher Upload is not working, user gets error message. (Issue 1493)
Added 5/15/18

Finance - IN Receipt Pending not showing: This is a Receipt Inventory issue where Pending is not showing. Example: When receiving items on a PO with 3 items pending, only 1 item shows up; the 2 that do not show up had prior partial receipts. (Issue 1491)
Added 5/14/18

Portal - Weblogic message: Some users see "Welcome to Weblogic Application Service 12.1" on the Portal page. They need to click on the link to be able to get to the Portal. This occurs even after clearing cache. (Issue 1484)
Added 5/10/18

Things to Be Aware Of

Scheduled Queries: Some scheduled queries might return no data (ex: M_BUDGET_ACTUALS). See screenshot. ACTION: Impacted users will need to update the parameters of the scheduled query.
Added 5/7/18

Finance - AP Vouchers: Please be aware that the Calculate button moved. See screenshot. No action necessary. This is just information for you to be aware of.
Added 5/7/18

Finance - Budget Journal: Budget journals for the next fiscal year (2019) that were in approved status on Friday are now in Cancelled budget status. District is unable to resubmit the journals as the status for each approver still shows as Approved. The entries must be copied as new and submitted again with the old entries being deleted.
Added 5/8/18

Finance - Requisitions Mass Change: On the Requisition, when using Mass Change, the screen now says: “Please enter GL Business Unit before selecting other chartfield values.” You must enter the GL Unit first. Then other fields will have values in the lookups. See screenshot. If you do not enter the GL Unit, the lookups appear blank. We have received reports of “My Chartfields are blank” and “I can’t use Mass Change.” It is due to this change in process.
Added 5/8/18

Finance - Manage Requisitions: The Clear button on Manage Requisitions does not clear out dates. When you click the Clear button on the Manage Requisitions search screen, the date range remains. It now shows a 3-month date range. See screenshot.
Added 5/8/18

Finance - Travel Authorization red flags: Some users are reporting the inability to "clear out red flags" on the TA. If you receive red flags on the TA that do not resolve after entering correct information, click Save for Later (top-right). See screenshot. Clicking Save for Later resolves the red flags.
Added 5/8/18

HCM - DBT Taxes Tab: For some users, the "Taxes tab" grid personalizations might be missing. A couple of users reported this on Sunday, 5/6/18.
ACTION: Impacted users will need to re-setup the Taxes tab personalizations. For directions, see "One-Time DBT Setup" on p.25 of HR5 Department Budget Table Guide v5.0.pdf.
Added 5/7/18

HCM - Absence Event Screen: Only Absences that have not been Finalized can be deleted on the Absence Event screen. For any Finalized absence requests the Delete (minus sign) no longer displays. You can use the Timesheet screen (Manager Self Service >Time Management > Report Time > Timesheet) to delete Finalized Absences.
Added 5/7/18

Reminders Sent on Monday, May 7

WHAT’S NEW?: While most PeopleSoft screens and functionality will not change, there are several new features to look forward to starting May 7. Please review our easy-to-read “highlights” document that includes screenshots and notes of changes in HCM, ESS Absence, and Finance: PeopleSoft Upgrade - New Functionality for Users 05-07-18.pdf

CLEAR CACHE: Please clear your browser cache, Monday, May 7, before you access PeopleSoft Portal, Finance, HCM, or ESS. Clearing your browser cache will help you receive all the benefits of the upgrade and ensure a smoother user experience. For directions on clearing cache, please refer to

POP-UP BLOCKERS: When viewing your paycheck in ESS or performing other actions where results open in a new window, you might need to disable pop-up blockers in your browser.

FINANCE USERS ONLY: Things you need to know prior to Go Live – On May 7, you will need to set up your Finance grid personalizations – they will not carry over. Please take screenshots or notes of your grid personalizations before May 4. NOTE: All other Finance personalizations are retained, including Main Menu Favorites, Query Favorites, and preferences. For directions, see "Personalize Columns (Grids)" on p.32 of Introduction to PeopleSoft Guide v3.0.pdf.

HCM USERS: For some users, the "Taxes tab" grid personalizations might be missing. A couple of users reported this on Sunday, 5/6/18. Impacted users will need to re-setup the Taxes tab personalizations. For directions, see "One-Time DBT Setup" on p.25 of HR5 Department Budget Table Guide v5.0.pdf.

SUPPORT FOR FINANCE AND HCM USERS: On Monday if you see anything that appears to be an issue, please submit a HEAT ticket. The CRC is available Monday, May 7, beginning at 7:00 am. In addition, on May 7, a team of SDCOE Education Business Systems (EBS) staff will also be making courtesy calls to each organization’s primary HCM and Finance contacts to check in and provide timely updates.

PeopleSoft Upgrade Announcements

PeopleSoft Upgrade – Information for Travel & Expenses

posted May 8, 2018, impacts Lakeside and SDCOE only

District Preview Sessions (4/20/18)

Education Business Systems (EBS) offered two PeopleSoft Hands-On Software Upgrade Preview Sessions for Districts on Friday, April 20, 2018 at SDCOE in Learning Lab 3. The HCM session was from 9:00-11:00 am. Finance was from 1:00-3:00 pm. The EBS team showed the participants the highlights of what’s new or different as a result of the upgrade, provided time for them to work in a test environment (SDHU/SDFU) to perform “real life” tasks, then debriefed to discuss what the users experienced (what they liked, any errors/issues they encountered, their takeaways, and their questions). 30 PeopleSoft users from 16 organizations participated (the # in parentheses is the # of participants): Borrego Springs (1), Cajon Valley (1), Carlsbad (1), Coronado (1), Escondido Elementary (1), Escondido High (2), Grossmont (2), Julian Elementary (1), La Mesa-Spring Valley (4), Lemon Grove (2), Poway (4), Ramona (1), San Diego County Office of Education (4), San Dieguito (1), San Marcos (3), and Solana Beach Elementary (1).
Read the notes: Notes from District Preview Sessions.pdf