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Video Tutorials

These video tutorials were created by the SDCOE PeopleSoft Support Team to assist you with using PeopleSoft Finance, HCM, Employee Self-Service and Hyperion. Use these video tutorials for help with common transactions in PeopleSoft. 
  • Great for cross-training, reviewing content before and after classroom instruction, learning a new topic, and to confirm your steps.
  • Need a guide to print/download? We have step-by-step guides that correspond to these tutorials on our PeopleSoft Resources > Guides page.
  • Recommended browsers: Chrome and Firefox.


Introduction to PeopleSoft

INTRO: Introduction to PeopleSoft

Accounts Payable

AP Voucher Import

Accounts Recievable

Excel & PeopleSoft Finance Queries

PeopleSoft Conference - Excel and PeopleSoft Queries FIN Video
This video shows some ways to analyze the M_GL_DETAILS_PO query in Excel using filters, pivot tables, If and Left formulas. This query includes all details in Finance including AP payment information. Learn how to summarize the data very quickly with a few formulas and a pivot table. At about 7 min, 41 sec, see how to configure a pivot table to mimic a Trial Balance by Restricted and Unrestricted.


PO1: Creating New Requisitions for the Next Fiscal Year

Query Reference Guide (FIN)

Overview of the Query Reference Guide

Year End Finance


Introduction to PeopleSoft

INTRO: Introduction to PeopleSoft

Excel & PeopleSoft HCM Queries

PeopleSoft Conference - Excel and PeopleSoft Queries HCM Video
This 12-minute video demonstrates several Excel functions: pivot table, freeze panes, filters, subtotaling, remove duplicates, vlookup, and concatenate. Data from two HCM queries are used: M_TL_PAYABLE_TIME_AUDIT and M_PY_PAYCHECKS_BY_DIST.

Human Resources

HR General: Importance of Effective Dates in HR
HR1: Updating Salary Grades and Steps (MANUAL PROCESS)
HR2: Creating a position
HR2: Creating a position from a copied position
HR2: An In-Depth Look: Positions in PeopleSoft   
HR3: Person Search Query
HR3: Transfer vs Add an Employment Instance and Primary vs Secondary Job
HR3: Updating Accrual Hours Factor
HR4: PAF Training for Originators
HR5: Understanding the Department Budget Table (36:26)
HR5: Department Budget Table One Time Setup HR5: DBT Effective Date "Locked" After Payroll (6:07)
HR5: Department Budget Table Clean Up
HR5: Updating a DBT

Alternative Retirement System (ARS)


SWB explained; Summer Months information; Auditing Data of 10 and 11 Month Employees, and Working with Data During Summer Months