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Video Tutorials

These video tutorials were created by the SDCOE CRC to assist you with using PeopleSoft Finance and HCM. Use these video tutorials for help with common transactions in PeopleSoft. 
  • Great for cross-training, reviewing content before and after classroom instruction, learning a new topic, and to confirm your steps.
  • Need a guide to print/download? We have step-by-step guides that correspond to these tutorials on our PeopleSoft Resources > Guides page.
  • Recommended browsers: Chrome and Firefox. 
NOTE: Effective September 15, 2017, some video tutorials have been unlinked as we close caption them. They will be relinked as soon as possible.


Query Reference Guide (FIN)
Overview of the Query Reference Guide

Year End Finance

Introduction to PeopleSoft

Human Resources 
HR2: Creating a position
HR2: Creating a position from a copied position  
HR3: Person Search Query
HR5: Department Budget Table One Time Setup  
HR5: DBT Effective Date "Locked" After Payroll
HR5: Department Budget Table Clean Up
HR5: Updating a DBT

Resolving Data Entry Errors
Resolving Data Entry Audit Error (01) Missing or inactive Time Reporter Data record

PR1: How to Process Off-Cycles
PR1: Monthly Payroll Processing