HCM Training Materials

PeopleSoft Support Team has created a variety of Human Captital Management (HCM)  training materials to help you work in each of the different modules.
  • Guides and Job Aids: Provide step by step instructions, spreadsheets and Excel-to-CI tools.
  • Videos & Webinars: These include basic and advanced videos and recordings from our webinars.
    • BASIC Videos: Great way to get your new hires working in PeopleSoft; use in conjuction with the training guides.
Visit these other web pages for additional training materials:

 Guides & Job Aids    Videos & Webinars
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 Introduction to PeopleSoft Guide.pdf

  INTRO: Introduction to PeopleSoft (1:01:28) BASIC

  Introduction to PeopleSoft Overview (4:51) BASIC
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  COVID-19 Absence and Pay Processing Guide
Benefits icon

  BA1 Benefits Administration Guide
 BA1 Benefits Administration Overview (36:33) BASIC
BA1 Adding Dependents to Benefits in On-Demand (7:09) BASIC
 BA1 Adding New Hire Benefits (6:38) BASIC
 BA1 Teminating Benefits (5:32) BASIC
BA1 Verifying Payroll Deductions (6:33) BASIC 
HCM Excel to CI icon
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 HR1 Salary Admin icon  
 HR2 Position Mgmt icon  
 HR2 An In-Depth Look: Positions In PeopleSoft (15:53) BASIC
HR3 New Hires icon  
HR4 PAF icon  

 DBT Mass Update Process Job Aid
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 PR1 Payroll Guide

 Earnings Code Descriptions
  Creating Additional Pay (6:28) 
  Create General Deductions (7:14)

  Update Employee Tax Data (7:13)
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Query Manager HCM icon
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  TL1 Time & Labor Guide
  TL Rapid Time Excel CI Guide

  Rapid Time Basics  (14:34)

  How to Use Rapid Time (with Empl Rec) (43 min)