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PeopleSoft Functional Upgrade (06/01/20)

       Go Live Monday, June 01, 2020
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Reported Issues and Questions (Post Go Live)

ESS Users (All Employees)

HCM/FIN Portal Users

1. No issues reported yet. This list will be updated as issues or quesitons are reported.

1. 06/02/2020 Budgets: Budget Details page chartfield information is not in the right order. This issue is resolved and the chartfield information is now in the correct order. RESOLVED

2. 06/02/2020 Budgets:  Some users have reported a Budget Journal performance issue when trying to open or post a Budget Journal.

3. 06/02/2020 Purchasing: A user reported that approved Purchase Orders are going through workflow again when sales tax has been removed from the PO.

4. 06/02/2020 Billing: A user reported the bank account number is not populated with the default bank account number and must be manually entered on the invoice. RESOLVED

5. 06/02/2020: GL-New GL Journal Import Template and Macro available to work with the PeopleSoft system updates. Refer to Resource page under General Ledger for files. RESOLVED

6.. 06/05/2020 Budgets: Budget Journal performance issue when trying to open or post a Budget Journal. Some performance improvement fixes were implemented that have improved performance. RESOLVED

7. 06/05/2020 Accounts Payable: The Conversation for Vouchers on Hold is not visible from the Accounts Payable WorkCenter > Vouchers on Hold hyperlink. As a workaround for the short term, use the M_CW_AUDIT_QUERY_ON_HOLD to see conversation information RESOLVED
8.  06/05/2020 Absence Management: There is a display only issue on Manager Self Service > Absence Balances page that is causing some of an employee’s absence balance information to be missing from the page. This is a display issue only and has no impact to the employee’s absence balances. The absence information is displaying correctly if you go to the Portal Home page > Time & Labor Folder > Timesheet hyperlink. Go to bottom of the Timesheet page and look for the Absence Entitlement Balances box.

9. 06/11/20 Accounts Payable: Commercial Warrants Mass Voucher Approval performance slowness has been fixed and performance is back to normal. RESOLVED

10. 06/11/12 ePro: The Chartfield order on the ePro Mass Change link is out of order. Workaround: Use the grid column personalization to sort the order.

11. 06/11/20 Purchasing: When receiving amount only POs, the 5th receipt line amount cannot be edited or canceled. It reverts back to the PO line amount (or remaining balance).
Workaround: Add another receipt line to be able to edit line 5. For future receipts for Amount only POs, keep it at a 4 receipt lines or more than 5 lines. It cannot stay at 5 lines.

12. 06/12/20 Purchasing:  When changing Goods & Services on a vouchered PO line it changed to the default Object of the Category code which returned with an invalid budget string. It will not allow user to change it.

13. 06/11/20 Purchasing:
When routing requisitions and PO, the approvers are receiving extra email delivery errors.

14. 06/11/20 Finance: Bug causing all transactions to ignore ad-hoc approvers, if they are the last ones to approve. Instead of routing to inserted approvers, a transaction goes straight to approved status. 

15. 06/11/20 AR Billling: User cannot select "CR" entry type option when cancelling invoices. RESOLVED

16. 06/11/20 Recruitment: Some applicants encountered an error message when applying a job posting on Careers page in Candidate Gateway.  RESOLVED

17. 06/11/20 Purchasing: When printing or dispatching POs with multiple pages, blank page is being inserted for some POs. 

System Unavailable for Upgrade Maintenance

      May 2020 calendar
PeopleSoft HCM, Finance and ESS will be unavailable from Friday, May 29 at 3:00 pm until Monday, June 1 at 7:00 am.

Refer to the PeopleSoft Functional Upgrade on the Projects tab.


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May 7, 2020, 5:08 PM
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