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PeopleSoft Fluid

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A change to PeopleSoft is coming in October, targeted for Monday, October 7, 2019. In our next PeopleSoft upgrade we will be turning on the Fluid User Interface, referred to as "Fluid.” Fluid will change the look-and-feel of PeopleSoft, including a new way to navigate. It is designed to adapt easily to various devices, including mobile phones and tablets. It is very important to note that the change to Fluid will not impact the way you perform tasks; in other words, you will follow the same steps to add a new hire, enter a requisition, enter time on the Timesheet, create a voucher, and so on. All employees will see the new user interface introduced by Fluid, including employees who log in to view their paychecks and perform other self-service functions. We will also be making improvements to the User Interface by configuring WorkCenters to help streamline your work.

For questions about the project, please email Sally Morton, Project


2-minute video for ESS: (published June 2019)

6-minute video for HCM and FIN: (use this link if you would like the video to be full screen on your monitor)


April 2019: PeopleSoft Fluid Sneak Peek
  • Description: Watch this Third Thursday Demo to learn about the Fluid project, view a 6-minute "sneak peek" video, hear about how the SDCOE is getting user feedback, and listen to the initial questions asked. Recorded Thursday, April 18, 2019.


Please check back as we add more information about Fluid to this page.


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