PeopleSoft User’s Conference 2017 – Connect, Collaborate & Innovate
Tips and tools for business efficiencies

Thursday, October 12, 2017 from 7:45 am - 4:30 pm at SDCOE

Conference Brochure

The PeopleSoft Conference 2017 Brochure provides a list of the sessions, times, locations, and facilitators and speakers.


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Conference Quiz Winners

Three quizzes were available throughout the day. We knew it was getting serious at lunch when people were contesting the Quiz 2 issue of 10 points not being awarded! Congratulations to PS Rocks (Barbie Simpauco from Chula Vista) for winning. She has been deemed the PeopleSoft Conference Queen! Here are the Top 5 scores.
Quiz Winners

Quiz 1: Homeroom (30 pts possible) - QUIZ CLOSED AT 10:10 AM
  • 175 participants. Great code names, everyone!

  • Early Bird Shoutouts: Honey badger (SDCOE), Wade Watts (Valley Center-Pauma), Zap (La Mesa-Spring Valley), StephT (SDCOE), tintin (Oceanside). They submitted at exactly 9:00 am.

  • First Place: 138 players are currently tied for 1st place with 30 points.
    143Jofet (Poway), A Very Tall Man (Rancho Santa Fe), Aguanga (Fallbrook High), Alpine91901 (Literacy First), Alyeska (La Mesa-Spring Valley), Amazing (Vista), apple88 (National), AshleeVenice (SDCOE), Awesome (SDCOE), Babycakes (SDCOE), Bambi (Oceanside), BatWoman (Valley Center-Pauma), BeachBuyer (Carlsbad), Betty (Mountain Empire), Bond007 (National), Bones (Encinitas), Bridges (La Mesa-Spring Valley), Butterfly (Ramona), Butterfly Mama (Lakeside), Canuck65 (MiraCosta College), Cashew (Escondido Elementary), Cat Lady (Alpine), Chantis (Sweetwater), CharlietheWonderPug (SDCOE), chilelicker (Mountain Empire), Chiquita Banana (Cajon Valley), Cookie (Dehesa), Culbe004 (Guajome Park Acad & Learn Cntrs), Danger15 (Lakeside), dcfever (South Bay), Debbers (Grossmont), dejones433 (Encinitas), Disneydeb (Oceanside), EC Fun (Santee), Eelwood (Chula Vista), Fan of Chad (Julian Elementary), Finance68 (Chula Vista), FunDay (Escondido High), G.O.A.T. (Carlsbad), Goodfella  (Santee), Halle (La Mesa-Spring Valley), Hanalei (Lakeside), Hatuey13 (SDCOE), Hefene1 (Fallbrook High), Hello! (Vista), Honey badger (SDCOE), Honeydew! (Solana Beach), Honeymoon (Oceanside), HR6491 (San Dieguito), HRcutie (Grossmont), HRVegatarian (Cajon Valley), HYPGURU (SDCOE), Irie (Ramona), JazzPurr Oscar (Ramona), JCS (Julian Charter), Jennifer AUSD (Alpine), Jmark30 (Escondido High), Kashes King (Julian Elementary), KD (Santee), Keno (Encinitas), Kmay518 (MiraCosta College), KMF (La Mesa-Spring Valley), Kristin Armatis (SDCOE), Ladybug  (Literacy First), ldanieb2001 (Poway), Leader27 (San Dieguito), Learning (Pacific View), Lefty (SDCOE), LenyaDru (San Marcos), leon73 (Encinitas), Lizard  (Fallbrook Elementary), Lorriesan (Poway), MariahMe (Escondido Elementary), maxisthebestdogever (South Bay), MCCPBJ (MiraCosta College), Miles (SDCOE), Mittins (La Mesa-Spring Valley), Motherlee (Vista), MPR6 (Sweetwater), My BDAY Today (Santee), NadoHR (Coronado), NADOHR2 (Coronado), NoOneStark89 (Sweetwater), NSD Biz (National), Olaf  (SDCOE), PackerBacaker (Carlsbad), Padrefan (Poway), PeopleSoft rocks (Poway), Princess Nicole (San Marcos), Princess PeopleSoft (SDCOE), Princess poppy (Escondido High), PS Penelope (SDCOE), PS Rocks (Chula Vista), Psrocks (Jamul-Dulzura), Rachsandiego (Lakeside), Rainbow Unicorn  (Escondido Elementary), Ramsey (Carlsbad), Regina Fillangi (San Marcos), rhobro (San Pasqual), Rottweiler (Poway), Santee Sun (Santee), SarahGrace (Escondido Elementary), Screech (Lakeside), SDOEW (Escondido High), Shelster (Carlsbad), Shes (San Dieguito), Showing (San Marcos), Speed Racer (Escondido Elementary), SS123 (Julian Elementary), StephT (SDCOE), Stickman (San Dieguito), Sugar001 (Bonsall), Suong3251 (SDCOE), Sweet 17 (Sweetwater), SweetPea Longstocking (Santee), TerrapinsFan1 (Valley Center-Pauma), This is me  (Sweetwater), Thor (SDCOE), Thriller  (MiraCosta College), Tiki  (SDCOE), tintin (Oceanside), Turbopay (Cajon Valley), VanillaBean (Ramona), Vanna White (Fallbrook Elementary), VW71superbeetle (Cajon Valley), Wade Watts (Valley Center-Pauma), Wannabewinner (Grossmont), Weasley Girl (National), Wegali (Encinitas), WinderWoman (SDCOE), Wompoo (Spencer Valley), Wonderwoman (Lemon Grove), WOW (Fallbrook Elementary), YesSDCOE (SDCOE), Yetka  (Carlsbad), Ymj (Chula Vista), Zap (La Mesa-Spring Valley), Zouzou (SDCOE)
Quiz 2: PeopleSoft Icon Round (55 pts possible) - QUIZ CLOSED AT 1:30 PM
  • 61 participants

  • Don't worry, all scores were adjusted by 10 pts! Credit hadn't been given for the last question (who did you meet). Scores were manually adjusted.

  • 55 pts - First place for this round: Dejones433 (Encinitas), HRVegan (Cajon Valley), PS Rocks (Chula Vista), Santee Sun (Santee), VW71SuperBeetle (Cajon Valley)

  • 50 pts: TNT (SDCOE)
  • 45 pts: Butterfly Mama (Lakeside), Chiquita Banana (Cajon Valley), HR6491 (San Dieguito), Jennifer AUSD (Alpine), Keno (Encinitas), ldanieb2001 (Poway), Louise (Del Mar), NADOHR (Coronado), PeopleSoft rocks (Poway), Rachsandiego (Lakeside), Speed Racer (Escondido Elementary), Tiki (SDCOE)
  • 40 pts: AGUANGA (Fallbrook High), Alyeska (La Mesa-Spring Valley), Disneydeb (Oceanside), Honey badger (SDCOE), Shes (San Dieguito), Shoho (San Marcos)
  • 35 pts: Awesome (SDCOE), Bones (Encinitas), Bridges (La Mesa-Spring Valley), CharlietheWonderPug (SDCOE), FunDay (Escondido High), Ladybug  (Literacy First), Learning (Pacific View), My BDAY Today (Santee), Princess PeopleSoft (SDCOE), PS Penelope (SDCOE), Regina Fillangi (San Marcos), SarahGrace (Escondido Elementary), Shelster (Carlsbad), Smccook (Fallbrook High), SweetPea Longstocking (Santee), Tinkerbell (Ramona)
  • 30 pts: BeachBuyer (Carlsbad), Cashew (Escondido Elementary), Dejones433 (Encinitas), Honeymoon (Oceanside), Leon73 (Encinitas), Mittins (La Mesa-Spring Valley), Motherlee (Vista), Princess popph (Escondido High), StephT (SDCOE), TrailBoss17 (Julian Charter), Vanna White (Fallbrook Elementary), Wannabewinner  (Grossmont), Weasley Girl (National), WonderWoman (SDCOE)
  • 25 pts: Eelwood (Chula Vista), Fan Of Chad (Julian Elementary), Goodfella  (Santee), Stickman (San Dieguito), Wegali (Encinitas)

Quiz 3: Quick Round (30 pts + Bonus pts for # of labels given away) - QUIZ CLOSED AT 2:50 PM
  • 29 participants

  • 1 additional pt awarded for 1 label given away, 2 additional pts for 2 labels given away, and so on (up to 10 additional points for a total of 40)

  • 40 pts - First place for this round: BatWoman (Valley Center-Pauma), Danger15 (Lakeside), Finance68 (Chula Vista), ldanieb2001 (Poway), Princess PeopleSoft (SIATech Charter), PS Rocks (Chula Vista) - THEY GAVE AWAY 10 LABELS TODAY!

  • 39 pts: Sweetwater 2017 (Sweetwater)
  • 38 pts: Louise (Del Mar)
  • 36 pts: Rachsandiego  (Lakeside), Weasley Girl (National), 
  • 35 pts: Awesome (SDCOE), Bones (Encinitas), Learning (Pacific View), NoOneStark89 (Sweetwater), Princess poppy (Escondido High), Wannabewinner (Grossmont)
  • 34 pts: Fan of Chad (Julian Elementary), Shoho (San Marcos)
  • 32 pts: Bird (Lemon Grove), MariahMe (Escondido Elementary), Nej (Julian Elementary), Olaf (SDCOE), WonderWoman (SDCOE)
  • 31 pts: My BDAY Today (Santee), Wonder Woman (Lemon Grove)
  • 30 pts: Honey badger (SDCOE), SarahGrace (Escondido Elementary)
  • 24 pts: Motherlee (Vista)
  • 21 pts: SS123 (Julian Elementary)

Thank you for submitting pictures to today. We will still accept them after the conference is over. Please shoot them over, thank you! 

Sessions & Handouts

All handouts are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Session A

PeopleSoft Homeroom

Session B

What’s New in PeopleSoft?
District Created Resources/Cross Training Our Staff HCM
Query Manager HCM
Benefits Best Practices
Year End Finance

Sessions B/C

*Excel & PeopleSoft (HCM Focus)
*Purchasing Best Practices

Sessions B/C/D

*Retirement in PeopleSoft

Session C

Position Control
District Created Resources/Cross Training Our Staff FIN
How We Are Using Query Manager FIN
Finance Roundtable

Sessions C/D

*Cross-Function Basics

Session D

HR Fields and What They Impact
Here’s How We Changed Our Business Process FIN

Sessions D/E

*Excel & PeopleSoft (FIN Focus)
*Accounts Payable Best Practices
*Purchasing Roundtable

Session E

Processes, Interfaces, and Excel-to-CI
Payroll Encumbrances & Suspense from Start to Finish
Here’s How We Changed Our Business Process HCM

Additional Conference Information

About the Conference

On October 12, 2017, the San Diego County Office of Education is hosting a free one-day PeopleSoft conference for the organizations that use PeopleSoft Finance (46) and Human Capital Management (55).

7:45-8:15 Registration & Continental Breakfast - Please plan to arrive during this time.
8:30-8:50 Opening Session (outdoors)
9:00 Morning Sessions
12:30 Lunch
1:40 Afternoon Sessions
4:00 Closing Session

Who should attend: For 7-12 people per district identified by your organization’s Conference Contact(s). The conference is designed for those who are involved in business process decisions and moving their organization forward with PeopleSoft. You should include staff who are hands-on in the system, too. “Not for the payroll tech I hired 4 weeks ago” or the “new hire who needs to learn PeopleSoft.” NOTE: This is not training! 

Why attend? (Objectives): To learn things, to talk to others, to share ideas, to leave feeling refreshed and inspired. Intended goal/outcome: As a team, participate in a variety of sessions and then share with one another after. Disseminate info to your own user community. 

Costs: There is no conference fee for attendees (free). Continental breakfast will be provided by SDCOE. Attendees can opt to pay for a box lunch (cost TBD).

Parking: Parking will be limited. Please plan accordingly. Carpooling is strongly encouraged. Cars and vans with 4+ people will have access to free parking in the SDCOE parking lot (Fleet Services area). For information about public transportation, please see Please plan to arrive early.

  • Please print the Carpool Dashboard Sign (PDF) and place it on your dashboard. Parking lot attendants will have extra copies if you forget yours.
  • For vehicles with 4+ people: Proceed to Fleet Services and drop your car off at the gas pump.
  • For vehicles with 2-3 people: If you are looking for a space, we have set aside the back corner of the upper parking lot (Linda Vista Rd & Via Las Cumbres) for carpools. First come, first served – this area might fill up.

For questions about the conference, please contact Lori Free-Trout (

How Districts Are Involved

District participation in planning – Committee met 1x/month thru August, then 2x/month and as-needed in September and October. Districts involved in planning: Chula Vista, Coronado, Del Mar, Escondido Elementary, Julian Charter School, Julian Elementary, La Mesa-Spring Valley, Ramona, San Dieguito, and SDCOE.

District input for topics (survey) – Each organization designated 1-2 "Conference Contacts" who submitted a survey (and pre-registration form) by June 23. The survey was used to identify the conference sessions.

District volunteers for presenting and facilitating sessions – This is a district-driven event. The goal is to have as many district and charter school facilitators and guest speakers as possible. Districts involved in facilitating and speaking include: Chula Vista, Coronado, Del Mar, Escondido Elementary, Fallbrook Elementary, Fallbrook High, Julian Elementary, La Mesa-Spring Valley, Lemon Grove, Oceanside, Ramona, San Dieguito, San Marcos, SDCOE, and Sweetwater.

Registration Information

Registration is now closed. The window was open from Monday, August 14 - Friday, September 8, 2017, then extended to Wednesday, September 13 at noon. Please contact your organization's "Conference Contact" if you have any questions. He or she can then email Peyri Herrera at SDCOE if further information is needed.

Directions for registration:
  1. Check with your Conference Contact to make sure you are pre-registered for the conference and/or approved to register. Only a specific number of employees from each organization should register for the conference.
  2. Review the conference brochure.
  3. To register, click the registration link provided here: Conference Registration Form
  4. Use the registration form to enter your first and second choices for each session (Sessions A, B, C, D, E).
  5. By Friday, September 22 you will receive a personalized schedule. Please note that Friday, September 29 is the last day for any requests for registration changes.

Key Dates

  • Fri, June 23: Pre-registration form and survey due (submitted by Conference Contacts). Each organization submitted the names of the team members that will attend the conference.
  • Mon, July 31: Conference brochure and registration information published
  • Tue, August 8: SDCOE Newsroom published PeopleSoft Conference to Help Districts Optimize Business Practices
  • Mon, August 14: Conference registration opened; districts' targeted teams had 4 weeks to register
  • Wed, September 13: Conference registration closed at noon (extended from 9/8).
  • Tue, September 26 - Wed September 27: Team registration reports emailed to Conference Contacts and each attendee
  • Fri, September 29: Last day for any requests for registration changes (replacing 1 attendee with another attendee's name)
  • Thu, October 12: Attend conference


Please contact Peyri Herrera at

Mission Federal


Sponsors: Thank you to VEBA for sponsoring lunch for all attendees, Mission Federal for providing Closing Session treats, and Oracle for assistance with conference costs.

VEBA is a benefits trust formed through the collaboration of labor and management to give education employees the highest quality benefits at the lowest possible cost. Founded in 1993, VEBA currently serves more than 60 school districts and other public agencies and over 130,000 members. We tailor benefits solutions to meet your unique needs because healthcare is not one size fits all.

Planning Committee:
Chad Leptich/Julian Elementary (Preliminary), Angelica Paredes/Coronado (Group 1), Emma Puentes/La Mesa-Spring Valley (Group 1), Amanda Davis/SDCOE (Group 1), Michelle Cagle/Escondido Elementary (Group 2), Delores Perley/San Dieguito (Group 3), Mark Pong/Del Mar (Group 4), Sondra Evans & Ana Machado/Ramona (Group 4), and Anthony Carlton/Chula Vista (Group 5). 

Project team members: Becky Fino, Lori Free-Trout, Kimberly Harrison, Peyri Herrera, Sally Morton, and Barbara Thiss.

Peyri Herrera,
Oct 9, 2017, 8:38 AM
Peyri Herrera,
Nov 16, 2017, 4:07 PM
Peyri Herrera,
Oct 12, 2017, 7:05 AM