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RSS Feed Directions

The CRC PeopleSoft Announcements page has an RSS feed that you can use. There are lots of ways to use an RSS feed. Here is just one way to use a feed reader in Chrome that you might want to try.

Step 1: Get the RSS Feed Reader extension.

  1. Open Chrome.

  2. Go to the RSS Feed Reader - Chrome Web Store page. Currently the link is

  3. Click Add to Chrome.
    Add to Chrome

  4. When prompted, click Add extension. The extension will appear with the orange RSS feed icon in Chrome at the top-right of the screen as shown below.

Step 2: Set up your feed.

  1. Navigate to the PeopleSoft Announcements page at Notice it has an orange RSS icon that says "Subscribe to posts" above for the first announcement. (Don't click Subscribe to posts.)

  2. Click the RSS extension at the top right of your browser. Click the + sign to add a feed.
    Add Feed

  3. Since you are already on the PeopleSoft Announcements page which has a feed, click Follow (green button).

  4. The next time you click the RSS extension, it will look like this:
    Posts of PeopleSoft Announcements

Step 3: Manage settings (optional).

  1. Click the Settings icon.

  2. Manage your settings. For example, you might want to turn on Global notifications so you are alerted when a new announcement is posted (when Chrome is open).
    Global Notifications

Step 4: Check your feed/read announcements.

  1. The icon will display the number of unread announcements. In this example, there are 2 unread announcements. Click the icon, go to your feed, and read the announcements. 

  2. If you have notifications turned on, you will see a notifications similar to this as they are posted.