What it means to be a “PeopleSoft Contact”

posted Sep 15, 2017, 3:56 PM by Peyri Herrera   [ updated Jul 30, 2020, 4:57 PM by Barbara Thiss ]
The PeopleSoft Support Team maintains a database of “PeopleSoft Contacts” for each organization. Some people are flagged as HCM Contacts, some as Finance Contacts, and some for both. Additionally, some employees are flagged as Primary Contacts; these are the main points of contact within your organization for HCM and Finance.

Here is a sample list of contacts for a district:
Contact List

What it means to be a contact:
  • You are authorized to contact the PeopleSoft Support Team for Help Desk support. Either create an online ticket using Service Now ticketing system (preferred) or call 800-289-1500. NOTE: In the case that you need to escalate an issue, please email Sally Morton, PeopleSoft Support Senior Manager @ sally.morton@sdcoe.net and provide the ticket #.

  • You will receive email announcements that you will read and distribute/disseminate to staff as needed. The PeopleSot Support Team will email you information about updates, system downtime, tips/tricks, new functionality, trainings and workshops, and so on. These announcements will come from crc@sdcoe.net – this mailbox is for outgoing communications only. Anyone who wants to view the announcements can go to the PeopleSoft Support Announcements page at http://crc.sdcoe.net/announcements/peoplesoftnews.

  • You in turn provide PeopleSoft support to your district staff. 
Please note that PeopleSoft Support doesn’t maintain an email distribution list. The staff designated as PeopleSoft Contacts receive email announcements and can forward the information to those necessary within your organization. A contact might want to set up a rule in his or her email account where messages from crc@sdcoe.net are automatically forwarded.

All other PeopleSoft users can go to the Announcements page to read announcements; they can also set up an RSS feed if desired. Here are the two links:
If you are a Primary Contact and would like to review your list of PeopleSoft Contacts, please email Lori Free-Trout @ lfreetrout@sdcoe.net