What is a Category Code in PeopleSoft? Where can I get directions about them?

posted Dec 14, 2015, 12:08 PM by Peyri Herrera
In PeopleSoft, the Category Code is a required field in the system when creating a requisition or a direct PO. This is a way of classifying the items you purchase from Suppliers. This is used for reporting. Each category code has an Object that goes with it; you attach it to the requisition or purchase order. It shows what type of item you're purchasing and use it for reporting. Examples of category codes are 14110000 (Paper products), 43210000 (Computer Equipment and Accessories), and 44120000 (Office supplies).

In this example, the buyer is purchasing 192 jugs of 5-gallon drinking water. The Category is 43000000.
Category Codes

  • All Category codes above 70000000 were setup to be non-taxable. It can be modified in the PO to be taxable by going to the schedule page. 
  • Supplier’s tax applicability overrides the category code configuration. 
  • DO NOT USE THE CATEGORY CODE “000001.” This is only used as a placeholder for a setting up a report in PeopleSoft. It will cause matching exceptions. Voucher will not process due to matching error.
  • No category codes when you create a direct voucher.
  • For more information about category codes, please refer to http://www.unspsc.org/
Please refer to PeopleSoft Procure to Pay Process Guide v1.1.pdf (19 pp.) for additional information about category code queries you can run plus how to view, add, modify, and inactivate category codes. This guide was updated today, December 14, 2015, to include how to inactivate category codes.