Use the M_ENCUMB_TAX_EARNINGS query to review the earnings codes encumbered by your organization

posted Nov 18, 2016, 3:55 PM by Peyri Herrera

The M_ENCUMB_TAX_EARNINGS query lists all the earnings codes used by your organization and flags ones that encumber with a YES in the “Is this Setup to Encumber” column. Please run this query and review the earnings codes encumbered by your organization. The roles that can run this query are M_HR_SPECIALIST, M_HR_SPECIALIST_RDO, M_RETIREMENT_UNIT, and M_WORKERSCOMP_ADMIN. Earnings and MCOPs on Job Data will automatically encumber. Based on the query results, if you want to make districtwide changes to the Additional Pays that encumber, create a HEAT ticket referencing this query.

Using the example below you can see the earnings codes used by District 555. Of these, several are set up to encumber including ATO, CFC, EDS, EXA, and so on. These earnings will encumber for an employee if they are part of the employee’s normal monthly earnings (not a one-time payment). After reviewing the query the district may decide that CF2 also needs to be encumbered for employees who receive that earning on a monthly basis so a HEAT ticket needs to be submitted.

Sample HEAT Ticket:
Here is sample text to use on your HEAT ticket: “Please add CF2 earnings code to encumber per M_ENCUMB_TAX_EARNINGS query. This change is authorized by [First Last, Job Title].” The name of the person who authorizes this change needs to be included in the description (but does not necessarily need to be the person who submits the ticket). The CRC will update the desired value on the Encumbrance Tax Earnings Codes screen (not accessed by organizations).
Sample HEAT Ticket