Updated Alternative Retirement Systems job aid v1.1 posted to the PeopleSoft Resources page

posted Jan 8, 2016, 10:03 AM by Vanessa Boyle
The SDCOE CRC has posted a new version of the Alternative Retirement Systems job aid to the PeopleSoft Resources page located in the “Payroll – Other” folder. This job aid covers the setup of an Alternative Retirement System record in PeopleSoft for an individual employee and how to adjust Employee and Employer deductions/contributions when necessary.

What is an Alternative Retirement System? 

Federal legislation requires that part-time, seasonal, and temporary employees participate in Social Security or an alternative plan established according to IRS guidelines. Alternative Retirement Systems are an alternative to Social Security. Some districts have elected to offer their employees an Alternative Retirement System lieu of Social Security. There are different programs that a district can elect as an alternative to Social Security, which includes ARS, PARS, PEAR, APPLE, or other. Employees are eligible to participate in an Alternative Retirement System if they are active temporary employees and are ineligible to currently participate in PERS or STRS. Employee participation in an Alternative Retirement System, PERS or STRS eligibility, and determination of employee’s prior membership in PERS or STRS, is coordinated with the Retirement Reporting Unit.