Travel & Expenses reminders (10/18/16)

posted Oct 18, 2016, 12:44 PM by Peyri Herrera
For organizations that use PeopleSoft Travel & Expenses

Reminder #1 - Maintenance: Don’t forget to periodically review active travel authorizations (TAs) and expense reports (ERs) to ensure that there are no issues preventing the TA/ER from being processed to completion. Please review any budget errors and/or budget exceptions and make the necessary corrections, delete, or cancel items as appropriate.

Reminder #2 - Expense Report Entry: As a reminder, do not delete any expense lines when creating an ER from a TA. Rather, please mark an unused/unnecessary line item as non-reimbursable and enter $0.01 (a penny) for the amount.

Reminder #3 - Cheat Sheet: A one-page TA/ER cheat sheet is available. It is an extract of p.6 from TE1 Travel and Expenses for Employees Guide v2.0.pdf.