The nightly M_BEN process is currently suspended through Group 5 go live (01/03/17)

posted Dec 15, 2016, 2:53 PM by Peyri Herrera
MITI has suspended the nightly M_BEN process in preparation for the Group 5 deployment on January 3, 2017. There will be limited impact except that the nightly Ben Admin Process and the Rebuild Job Flag utility will need to be run manually. In On-Demand for a given employee, when you click the “Schedule/Prepare Activity” button, you are manually running the Ben Admin Process for that specific employee.

In regards to updating the job indicator, please contact the CRC by submitting a HEAT ticket if you changed an employee’s primary job to a different Empl Record and you need to add benefits or retirement to that position prior to January 3, 2017. The CRC staff can manually run the Rebuild Job Flags utility.

If the employee is not going to be enrolled in benefits or retirement prior to January 3, there is no need to contact the CRC. When the M_BEN is re-activated on the night of January 3, it will rebuild the primary flags that have been modified previously.