Summing time on the Timesheet

posted Oct 11, 2016, 11:30 AM by Peyri Herrera
From MITI: We have heard from districts that entering time on the Timesheet for each day is taking a large amount of their time and are expressing concern especially for the next two upcoming months that contain several Holidays and shortened deadlines. We have reviewed the rules for AB1522 and ACA and are able to offer the following suggestion: You may enter the total hours on one day of the Timesheet but for only certain types of employees:
  • YES – Bargained Employees: You may sum up the hours on the Timesheet on one day for employees who are currently earning and receiving Sick leave according to your Bargaining agreements.

  • NO – Non Bargained Employees, Substitutes, Temps: In order to remain in Compliance with AB1522 requirements you may not sum up hours for Non Bargained employees. These Non Bargained, Temps or Substitutes employees must have the hours and days recorded on the Timesheet for each day they work in order to meet the qualifications under AB1522 to earn, accrue and use sick leave. Also, do not put hours on the paysheet for these types of employees. Hours must be entered on the timesheet for tracking hours and days worked.
There is no impact on ACA on how the hours are reported but it is important to follow the rules above for AB1522.