Summer Month Reminders (2016)

posted Jul 13, 2016, 3:11 PM by Peyri Herrera

How to Pay Extra Hours

July and August months are summer months for many of your employees who did not have active Paysheets created for them. To pay extra hours or days to Salary employees that have July or August off, you need to do one of the following: 
  • Pay the extra hours or days using a part time position number other than the normal salary position, OR 
  • Create a Paysheet for the employee. 

Summer Months Reminders Handout

This Summer Months Reminders handout (10 pp.) was presented at the June 2016 User Group Meeting. It is very critical for you to review the information and queries suggested in this document to ensure the accuracy of Salaries, Deductions and Active Pay Months.

Helpful Queries

Here is a list of some helpful queries that you can run to check your data. Those with an asterisk are included in the Summer Months Reminders handout. Run queries from Main Menu > Reporting Tools > Query > Query Viewer.
  • *M_PY_JOB_INFO_V1: List of Employees, Positions, FTE, Salaries and the Active Pay Months

  • M_PY_MCOP_VALIDATION: List of Employees, MCOP rate codes (EXPAY I parameter), Annual amounts, Monthly amounts and Active Pay Months

  • *M_PY_ADDL_PAY_OVERRIDE: List of Employees, Additional Pay codes (EXPAY non I parameter), Monthly amounts/percentages and corresponding Months

  • *M_BN_EMPL_DED_PROC_GENDED: Benefit and Non Benefit General Deduction codes, Monthly amounts and corresponding Months

  • M_PY_AUDIT_JOB_PAYLINE: Lists Employees (Pay Group M) Compensation Rate on Jobs and their compensation on the Paysheet. Districts use this query to see if there is a difference. In most cases the difference between the two figures is the Salary Proration (Ex. Late hire, early termination, mid month FTE change…). This query can be run from the time Paysheets are created to the Final Payroll Run.

  • M_TL_NEEDS_APPROVAL: Lists employees who have reported time which has yet to be fully approved. Time will not be paid until approved, picked up by the time administration process, then moved over to payable time to be taken by payroll.

  • M_TL_PAYABLE_TIME_AUDIT: Lists all reported time which has been approved, picked up by time administration and moved over to payable time. Unlike what can be seen on the timesheet screen, this query also will show any negative transactions which are taking place. Same fields as the M_TL_REPORTED_TIME_AUDIT query. Very useful and powerful query for viewing what will be taken and paid to the employee from Time and Labor.