Server was bounced at 12:30 pm; temporary solution may be to use a “direct link”

posted Jul 13, 2017, 2:22 PM by Peyri Herrera
The server was bounced at 12:30 pm. However the bounce did not fix the items as we had expected. All issues are still being looked at. The browser issues are marked as a high priority. If you are experiencing odd performance after the bounce, please clear your cache. Also the CRC has noticed that there appears to be fewer reported issues when using Firefox compared to Chrome and Internet Explorer.

New temporary solution for 7/13/17: For PeopleSoft users experiencing browser issues as a result of the Tools upgrade since Monday, a temporary solution is to try the direct link to HCM or Finance (after clearing cache). This has worked for some users. Browser issues include “new window” problems, “authorization component” messages, and PORTAL errors. You might need to use 2 different browsers for concurrent use of HCM and Finance.

  • The direct links are temporarily on the CRC Links page.
  • This is only a suggested temporary solution, not a long-term one.
  • Do not bookmark these links.
  • Note that a direct link should only be used until further instructed. The best way to access applications will always be through the Portal. This is to ensure you can see signon event messages and can also reset your password using “Forgot My Password.”