Salary update spreadsheets are due 3 weeks prior to the creation of paysheets

posted May 19, 2017, 1:46 PM by Peyri Herrera
As a reminder, salary update spreadsheets are due 3 weeks prior to the creation of paysheets. Instructions on how to complete these spreadsheets are available here: Updating a Salary Admin Plan using Excel to CI v1.1.pdf. Remember that you need to submit the completed spreadsheets as an attachment on a HEAT ticket; the ticket must include the payroll month the salary update is due and the effective date of the salary update.

The table below lists the due dates for these spreadsheet for the first quarter of the new fiscal year. The salary update spreadsheets are processed in the order they are received so please submit them earlier than deadline, if possible.

 Payroll Cycle Due Date
 July 2017 Friday, 6/16/2017
 August 2017 Friday, 7/14/2017
 September 2017 Thursday, 8/17/2017

Spreadsheets with errors will be sent back for correction so be sure to audit for accuracy. Audit requirements include validating the following information:
1. Minimum amounts are the lowest compensation for each grade
2. Maximum amounts are the highest compensation for each grade
3. Minimum and maximum amounts are the same for every step within a grade
4. All amount fields are two decimals and have no formulas