Salary Administration Plans and Retro Pay Changes (Two Step Process)

posted Jul 29, 2016, 4:04 PM by Peyri Herrera
Here is an important reminder about the required notification and process for Salary Plan changes and Retro Pay as documented in HCM Configuration Updates - Salary Plan and Retro Changes v2.0.pdf.

Change needed: Month 1, Salary Administration Plans – No Retro pay
Required notification: At least three weeks before Paysheets are created so that the paysheets will have the new compensation rate.
Process: Run the M_HR_SALARY_GRADE_STEP query and update salary schedules with new pay rates. Enter a HEAT ticket and attach the spreadsheet with the new Salary Plan. The SDCOE team will update Plan; you will be asked to validate the changes that have been made.

Change needed: Month 2, Retroactive Pay
Required notification: Retro spreadsheet must be submitted in Excel to CI format two weeks before the first PreCalc.
Process: Create a HEAT ticket and submit your Excel to CI spreadsheet to the CRC. SDCOE team will do the mass update for Retro Pay.

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