Run the M_PY_PAYSHEET_ADJ_AUDIT query to check W-2 Reportable entries on the December payroll

posted Dec 7, 2016, 5:03 PM by Peyri Herrera
From Retirement: We are reaching out to you to remind you to run M_PY_PAYSHEET_ADJ_AUDIT - Audit Paysheet Adj Entries query to check your W-2 Reportable entries on the December payroll.

Make sure to review the totals entered for each W-2 Reportable code using Column T (Earn Code) and Column X (Oth Earns) against your 2016 Year End Reportables District Summary that you submitted to Payroll/Retirement.

If you have any Calculation Errors in Column L (Pay Status), please run the M_PY_CALC_ERROR_MSGS_BY_DIST query to identify and then correct the error.

For questions about active employees, please contact Payroll Audit ( For questions about retired or terminated employees, contact Retirement (