Retiree Benefits

posted Sep 25, 2014, 3:47 PM by Peyri Herrera
For Preliminary districts

From MITI: Thank you for expressing concerns about the zero net paychecks for retirees. This is a short term solution to keep retirees in the same database that enrolls retirees and, most importantly, pay the vendors each month. We have found that without a position and job record in PeopleSoft, retiree payments had to go through a manual process. If you receive these checks, you do not need to save them. You can shred them.

If your retirees work for you as substitutes or extra help, you may want to share the following information with them:
“With the implementation of a new enterprise resource planning system, Oracle/PeopleSoft, retiree enrollment in district benefits has been modified. We have established a retiree positon for you in PeopleSoft and attached non-taxable earnings that equal the monthly cost for your benefits. The deduction for cost of benefits will come from these earnings and show a zero net pay. If you continue to work for the district, your pay warrant or advice will see these earnings and deductions in addition to your hourly or daily earnings.”