Required fields when updating benefits Savings Plans

posted Jun 24, 2014, 5:07 PM by Peyri Herrera
When making changes to or entering benefit Savings Plans (such as 403b) in PeopleSoft, certain fields are required before you can click the OK button to save the changes. The screenshots below point out the required fields.

IMPORTANT: When changing the amounts on any of the 403(b) plan types, ensure that the amount fields on the other 403(b) plan types are filled in properly as well. For example, when changing amounts on a 403(b) Employee Paid plan, also check to make sure any other 403(b) plan types with Flat Amounts entered also have the other required amount fields populated. There have been instances where a user attempts to save changes to one plan, and is hung up from saving due to a missing amount on an entirely different plan type (that is not being updated).


403(b) Roth
403b Roth

Section 457
Section 457