Purchasing section updated in the PeopleSoft Year End Closing guide

posted Mar 16, 2016, 4:16 PM by Peyri Herrera
The CRC updated the Purchasing section of PeopleSoft Finance Year End Closing Guide v2.0.pdf (74 pp.). Part II: Purchasing (pp.6-34) includes the steps necessary to manage requisitions and purchase orders for year end closing. Also, the guide has checklists, flowcharts, due dates, and references to other useful resources.

Interested in registering for the Purchasing year end closing open labs?
These open lab opportunities will be held in April, May, and June 2016 to prepare you for Purchasing year end closing. Register at https://sdcoe.gosignmeup.com. Filter by FINANCE > Workshops. Registration is required. These sessions will be either at SDCOE or NCREC training facilities.