Primary Job/Secondary Job – 4 IMPORTANT REMINDERS

posted Aug 5, 2019, 2:40 PM by Barbara Thiss
The Job Indicator field in Job Data indicates that the job record is the employee's primary or secondary job. If the Job Indicators are input incorrectly, the employee will not process through payroll and will not receive a check. 

Primary Job Indicator

  • Primary Job: Regular budgeted position, a person’s “main position.” If the employee has only one job record at your district, then it should be marked Primary Job.
  • Secondary Job: Additional job(s). If the employee is hired in an additional Position (that is a lesser or no FTE), that would be a Secondary Job.
REMINDER #1: An employee cannot have more than one primary job per Benefit Record Number.
This affects Compensation and Benefits.

REMINDER #2: It is recommended that you review these 2 queries and make job data updates before precalcs.
  • M_HR_MORE_PRIMARY_JOB_FLAG: To identify employees who have more than 1 primary job within your district
  • M_HR_NO_PRIMARY_ONEJOB: To identify employees who do not have a primary job within your district
REMINDER #3: When updating job indicators (primary/secondary) between Empl records, the nightly Ben Admin process needs to run to sync up the Job Data with On-Demand.
You will not be able to make changes to benefits until the next day.

REMINDER #4: Benefits including 403b/457/Roth deductions only process during payroll if an employee has earnings in their assigned primary job.
If the employee only has earnings in secondary positions, the benefits managed on the Base Benefit Tables will not process.

For more information about the Primary Job Indicator, please see the Primary Job Indicator FAQs page.