PO Dispatch Process access removed; Dispatch POs via email still available

posted Mar 31, 2016, 11:33 AM by vanessa.boyle@sdcoe.net
From MITI: Access to the voucher dispatch process page found at Main Menu > Purchasing > Purchase Orders > Dispatch POs has been removed from all users. This was removed because it was found that it is possible to dispatch POs via email for districts other than your own district.

You can still dispatch POs via email using the Add/Update POs page found at Main Menu > Purchasing > Purchase Orders > Add/Update POs page. Directions to use the Add/Update POs page to dispatch POs can be found in the “Budget Check and Dispatch a Purchase Order” section on p.59 of the PO2 Purchase Orders guide.

The dispatch run control page will be made available again once additional security has been placed on the page to prevent POs for multiple business units from being dispatched accidentally. Thank you for your understanding.