Playground Employees

posted Feb 5, 2018, 11:22 AM by Peyri Herrera
This announcement references the M_AM_DISTRICT_BALANCES query, Absence Groups, Accrual Hours, and Accrual Hours Factor field in relation to Playground Employees. Playground Employees are now part of the Classified Service effective January 1, 2018. The new law affords the rights and privileges of being members of the classified service and now are eligible for vacation accruals.

For organizations where Playground Employees previously were not eligible, please run the M_AM_DISTRICT_BALANCES query to identify the Absence Groups employees currently are enrolled. This query includes Empl ID, Empl Record, First Name, Last Name, Absence Group, Dept ID, Dept Description, Leave Description, Balances, Calendar ID, Position Number, Position Description and Accrual Hours Factor. Upon running the query:
  • Review Absence Group NNNCLS, NNNCLSH or NNNTEMP for Playground Supervisors. 
  • Review accrual hours for employees in NNNCLS or NNNCLSH Absence Group to make sure they are receiving the correct entitlement. Make correction to the accrual hours if necessary. Check your latest Absence template (M_Leave_Requirements) for correct sick and vacation entitlements. 
  • Employees enrolled in NNNTEMP Absence Group need to be transferred to Absence Group NNNCLS or NNNCLSH in order to receive vacation entitlements. 

The Accrual Hours Factor field on Job Data is used in the calculation for sick and vacation entitlements. Districts that advance sick and vacation on an annual basis will need to manually calculate vacation entitlements for FY 2017-18. Districts that accrue on a pay period basis need to make sure their template is up to date.

For additional information on this topic please review School Services Fiscal Report Volume 37, No. 22.