Payroll encumbrance and accrual processing – 08/01/16 UPDATE

posted Aug 1, 2016, 4:34 PM by Peyri Herrera
Below are updates from MITI regarding Payroll encumbrance and accrual processing as of August 1, 2016:

Payroll encumbrance maintenance processing continuing

The MITI Team and Technical teams are working hard to get July payroll encumbrance maintenance process completed. We are working to resolve a couple of issues as quickly as possible. Once the issues are resolved, we will update you with additional information. The following items did post already:
  • The July payroll did post. 
  • The payroll FY baseline encumbrances are loaded. 
  • The July encumbrances to unencumber what was paid in July did post. 
The encumbrance maintenance to adjust the encumbrances for changes made in July (i.e. moving an employee from one department to another) is being worked on now. It is our number one priority and we will update you once it has posted.

Payroll accrual journals are in Finance; budget errors may need to be corrected

The MITI Team loaded the Payroll Accrual journals into PeopleSoft Finance on Friday, July 29. Some entities had “No Budget Exists” errors on those journals. This means that the ChartString that is being used on the accrual journal was not established in the 2017 chart of accounts. To correct this error and post the accrual journal, post a budget journal for at least zero dollars, open the GL Journal, re-edit the journal and then post it. We are actively working on a query to tell you which employees had time accrued. This query will show the employee and earnings information along with additional information that will be useful. Time is very much of the essence and we will notify you just as soon as the query is ready.

Please do note that if any prior year time was entered on the July payroll but a combo code was not included on the time entry, the system uses the current fiscal year (2017) Department Budget Table (DBT) to charge the time. If you made changes to your DBT for 2017, then entered time without a combo code, we will be posting a second set of journal entries to move these charges out of the new 2017 DBT ChartStrings and into the 2016 ChartStrings. Remember that this is only for time and adjustments entered without a combo code. We will, of course keep you posted as we prepare and post any additional journal entries.