Off Cycle paysheets created in advance with Subsets for Timesheet transactions will not copy Subsets

posted Mar 28, 2017, 1:25 PM by Barbara Thiss
It has come to our attention that users are creating paysheets with Subsets of Retirement and Workers Compensation (RET and WCP) in advance of the Time and Labor load and Calc process. Please note that the Subsets will not carry over from the paysheet you created in advance to the paysheet the system creates when Time and Labor entries are being loaded. It is imperative that subsets be added manually to the paysheet after the Calc process on the Off Cycle night.

Timesheet entries should be input and approved by 2:30 pm on Off Cycle night so that Time Administration and Time Load can process them for the Off Cycle Pre-Calculation at 3:00 pm. On or around 3:45 pm, you will then be able to add subsets to the paysheets created by the Time Load process. Any timesheet entries entered after 2:30 pm will still process and pay on the Off Cycle, but you will not be able to access the paysheet created and therefore not be able to add Subsets.

Please utilize the M_PY_PAYLINES_SUBSETS query to identify paysheets that are missing subsets and add SUBSETS as needed.