Notice of system-wide changes to Payroll Processing – PLEASE READ!

posted Aug 3, 2015, 10:52 AM by
From MITI: Due to the July Payroll challenges, the MITI team is making some system-wide changes to future processing starting in August. We will be sending you frequent communications as the system changes are ready for implementation.

Initially, you need to know that timesheets are available now. However, paysheets will not be initialized until August 10 for any adjustments. Between now and August 10 you will need to ensure that your:
  • Paygroups for Monthly employees (M Paygroup from Payroll Tab in Job Data) are correct; 
  • Overrides are in place for all Additional Pays; 
  • Overrides are in place for all employee and employer deductions (benefits, union dues, etc.) for all current Benefit plans and all Paygroups; and 
  • SDCOE Job Data is correct for Pay Schedule for each job. This indicates the months that employees are to get paid in each job.