New “Summer Months” job aids for 10-month and 11-month employees

posted Jun 16, 2017, 10:48 AM by Peyri Herrera

To provide further clarification for employees on Short Work Break (SWB), we have updated the document called “Attachment A”, which was originally distributed at the Summer Months Workshop on May 3, 2017. Please replace your existing Attachment A with Attachment A1. Please refer to Attachment A2 for 10-month employees.

Attachment A1 for 11-month employees (PDF): Attachment A was revised and is now published as Attachment A1. It has been modified to address 11-month employees who work in their “M” Monthly position during a Short Work Break month.

Attachment A2 for 10-month employees (PDF): Attachment A2 is a new job aid. It was created to address 10-month employees who work in their “M” Monthly position during their Short Work Break months.

Attachments A1 and A2

For future reference, you can download the Summer Months job aids at Look in the section named “HCM Summer Months.”